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Clamp Meters

Shop authentic Clamp Meters at reasonable price. Purchase Clamp Meters from assorted brands like Beetech, CEM, Fluke, Hioki, HTC & MECO

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HTC PM 03 - 20 A Power Monitor

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Buy Clamp Meters online at lowest prices in India:

Clamp meters are the form of electrical power testing in the testing and measuring instrument category. Electrical power testing is a solution in the form of switchgear maintenance, installation, commissioning, repairs, cable installation, condition monitoring and trend analysis. These devices are used to save power systems from various fatal accidents and reduce maintenance downtime. Electrical power testing devices include analogue multimeters, voltage detectors, current testers and advanced multimeters.

High precise clamp meters available online:

Clamp meters are the equipment used for measuring the current drawn in a live circuit to troubleshoot the motor. They are also effective for measuring AC/DC voltage, resistance, current, frequency, capacitance, diode check and continuity. It is a combination of a basic digital multimeter and current sensor. New clamp meters are both safe and convenient to use. As jaws of the device do not need to touch a conductor during measurement and also does not need to shut off the circuit carrying current. It helps in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the measure. It is commonly used for service of repairing the existing system as per the need, to troubleshoot the installation problem and, in maintenance while performing the preventive measures.

All types of branded Clamp meters online:

There are three types of clamp meters available in the market.
Current transformer - It is used to measure only alternating current.
Half effect - It can measure both alternating and direct current.
Flexible type - It equips a Rogowski coil and measures ac only. It is suitable for measuring in tight spaces.
Kusam Meco, Kyoritsu, HTC, Waco, Mextech and Fluke are the best brands for Clamp meters available online.
Fluke clamp meter - They are also known as workhorse current clamp meters. It delivers advanced performance and designed such a way that it is simple to use and hassle-free. Fluke 362 clamp meter is small, lightweight with a better grip of objects with high accuracy. It can be operated with single hand and is resistant to falls.
Kusam Meco clamp meter - It is known for its high accuracy. It usually has a finger guard to assure safety. It is shock-resistant and has a fireproof casing. It comes with a carrying case and can be carried anywhere easily.

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Clamp Meters Price List in India 2020

Best Clamp Meters Models Price
Kusam Meco KM 1001 - 400 A AC Digital Clamp Meter 758
Uni T UT 202A - 600 V Digital Clamp Meter 1,279
Kyoritsu KEW 2117R - 1000 A Digital Clamp Meter 6,364
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