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Circular Saws

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Circular Saws

Circular saws are the power saws which use either a toothed or abrasive disc to chop a variety of material. Circular saws are mostly used in the sawmills and were first introduced in the early eighteenth century. These saws are widely used as cutting tools for materials such as wood, metal, masonry, and plastic. They can be used as hand-held devices and can be mounted to a machine for heavy duty tasks.

In woodworking projects, circular saws are mostly handheld devices. Circular saws can produce a wide variety of cuts from rip-cuts, cross-cuts, or a mix of both. Electricity powers most of the circular saws but gasoline or hydraulic powered circular saws are as common as electric ones.

Stanley is one of the leading manufacturers of circular saws. Their saws have a lightweight design which helps in minimizing user fatigue and allows easy handling of the tool. They are powered by a robust motor which delivers power and torque through some most robust materials. Their bevel capacity is up to 45 degrees which is the best in class. Stanley's saws can produce cuts up to 62mm depth with unmatched precision.

Ferm is known for producing precision circular saws with best ergonomic designs and grip for best user experience. Their saw, Ferm CSM1038 - 400W, is equipped with laser guidance to ensure accuracy and precision in cutting jobs. The saws are also equipped with a dust extraction hose, and it provides a clutter-free and healthy workplace.

Bosch's hand-held circular saws are known for their robust design and durability. Bosch GKS 190 - 1400W Professional Hand-held Circular Saw is a popular model and is widely used in construction work and preferred circular saw for DIYers and professionals alike. They have a spindle lock feature which ensures easier handling of saw blades, and it helps in improving efficiency and productivity.