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Circular Saws

Buy powerful Circular Saws at best feasible price on Shakedeal. Shop Circular Saws from assorted brands like AEG, Bosch, Cumi, Dewalt, Ferm & Hikoki.

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Makita 2712 - 2000W, 315mm Table Saw

46 % OFF

Buy Circular Saw online at lowest prices in India

Circular saws are the power tools that use either a toothed or abrasive disc to chop a variety of material. It is mostly used in the sawmills and were first introduced in the early eighteenth century. It is widely used as cutting tools for materials such as wood, metal, masonry, and plastic. It can be used as hand-held device and can be mounted to a machine for heavy duty tasks.

Wide range of Circular Saw Machine based on size and uses available just at Shakedeal:

In woodworking projects, disc shaped cutting tools are mostly handheld devices. It can produce a wide variety of cuts from rip-cuts, cross-cuts, or a mix of both. Electricity powers most of these devices but gasoline or hydraulic powered cutting machines are as common as electric ones. There are even types based on a 10-inch size, cordless type, different types of applications.

Different types of circular saws available online:

Abrasive type: A type of chop tool used for cutting different materials like tile, metal, and concrete. It consists of an abrasive disc for grinding purposes.

Concrete type: The tool used for cutting concrete, brick, tile, etc. These are classified based on size and styles and can be operated by gasoline, hydraulic, pneumatic pressure, or an electric motor.

Table type (cutting machine for wood): It is a woodworking tool, including the disc shaped tool blade that is driven by an electric motor. It is usually preferred for cutting the wood.

Precision circular type: This is powerful and compact device suitable for many sawing jobs. It cuts through almost any type of material i.e. aluminium, plastic with the right tool blade.

Sawmill Blades - It is a major part of sawmill that is used for various sawing applications such as dry and wet softwood and hardwoods. It is usually covered with anti-adhesive coating to protect against build up. Multi-rip blades is having anti friction coating to protect against dust and heat. It is used as an alternative to a radial arm tool.

Cord wood type: It is an electric type of machine made up of round metal disk with sharp serrated edge. It is powered by an electric motor and is used for cutting the wood and other materials. The system consist of frame, blade, mandrel, cradle and power source. It is usually used to cut the smaller wood into firewood

Handheld circular type for wood: It is a type of device used for cutting the timber with roughly 16 inches blades. It can be both left or right handed based on the sides of the blades where the motor is fixed. The blades of the device is usually made up of TCT i.e. Tungsten carbide tipped but you can also find HSS i.e. high speed steel blades available in the market. Different diameter size blades are available in order to match the different types of devices ranging from 14 to 1 centimeters.

Cold type for metal: It is usually preferred for various metal cutting operations. It possesses toothed blade which transfer the heat generated by cutting to the chips created by the device blades. This results in maintaining the coolness between the blade and the material that is being cut. The process is just opposite to what takes place in abrasive type of power tool. The raw material used for making of the device is either HSS high speed steel of TCT tungsten carbide tipped material. It is powered with the electric motor along with the gear reduction unit in case if you need to reduce the rotational force of blade while maintaining the constant torque. Three common types of blades available for this device are solid tooth, segmental tooth, carbide inserted tooth.

Best brand power saws online available just at Shakedeal:

Stanley is one of the leading manufacturers of this category. Their tools have a lightweight design that helps in minimizing user fatigue and allows secure handling of the tool. It is powered by a robust motor that delivers power and torque through some of the most robust materials. Their bevel capacity is up to 45 degrees, which is the best in class. Stanley saws can produce cuts up to 62mm depth with unmatched precision.

Ferm is are known for producing precision revolving power tool with best ergonomic designs and grip for the best user experience. Ferm CSM1038 - 400W, is equipped with laser guidance to ensure accuracy and precision in cutting jobs. The tools are also equipped with a dust extraction hose, and it provides a clutter-free and healthy workplace.

Bosch's hand-held cutting tools are known for their robust design and durability. Bosch GKS 190 - 1400W Professional Hand-held Circular Saw is a popular model and is widely used in construction work and preferred option for DIYers and professionals alike. They have a spindle lock feature that ensures easier handling of tool blades, and it helps in improving efficiency and productivity.

Few of the other trusted brands that are associated with Shakedeal are hitachi circular saw, makita circular saw, pro tools circular saw, black and decker circular saw. While our list of best-selling circular saws includes Bosch GKT 55 GCE, makita 10.1/4-inch circular saw, bosch 1500w circular saw, bosch gks 190 circular saw 7 inch 1400w, pro tools 1255 a - 255 mm circular saw, Hitachi C7SS, black & decker cs1500 - 1500w 185mm circular saw.

Wide collection of best quality Circular Saws online from top brands at Shakedeal

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Circular Saws Price List in India 2022

Best Circular Saws Models Price
Dongcheng DMY02-185 - 185 mm, 1100 W Circular Saw with Handle 3,389
Makita 2712 - 2000W, 315mm Table Saw 26,889
Makita M5801B - 185 mm, 1050W Circular Saw 5,725
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