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Chaff Cutters

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Chaff Cutters is a device used for cutting straw or hay in small pieces before mixing with the other forage, making it eatable for cattle. It is an agricultural tool used by farmers for cutting the fodder uniformly that is useful for live-stocks and cattle. This fodder is needed for good digestion of cattle that yields milking output. It comes with sharp blades for the long run. It is a versatile machine used for multiple applications like crushing waste material, making flour out of wheat, cutting fodder, etc. It is usually powered by an electric motor of high speed on single or multiple phases.

Importance of Chaff cutter machine:

Chaff cutter is the machine that helps many diary owners by producing fresh fodder for their cattle. In return, it helps in enhancing milk productivity. It is a mechanical device that can be driven at various speed rate. It can also achieve multiple lengths of cuts of chaff as per the animal preference type. The advanced version of chaff cutter includes portable tractor driven chaff cutter that can be used in the field or load trolleys. It can cut bajra, jowar, corn, sugarcane, paddy grass, groundnut, etc. It is an ideal machine for diary farms, mushroom farm, jute industries, coco trees, wood stems, etc.

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