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Buy Ceiling Fans online at lowest prices in India:

Ceiling fans come under the category of electrical appliances. It comes under the group of devices that works on electricity to perform a specific function. This group of machines includes table lamp lights, toaster, electric welder, bulbs, etc. The ceiling fan is a mechanical fan that is mounted on the ceiling of the room. It has rotating blades to circulate the air. They are not meant to be lowering the room temperature but to create a wind-chill effect in the atmosphere. It helps in improving climate control energy efficiency.

Choose the best ceiling fan from the options available online:

Ceiling fan comprises of various parts like an electric motor, blades, flywheel, rotor, a downrod, switch housing, badges, decorative elements, lamps, etc. There are commercial fans that are used in stores, schools, churches, offices, factories and warehouse. The operation of these fans is based on the type of pull chord control, variable speed dial control, mechanical wall control and switch system. There are various types of fan available in the market based on different factors like growing energy consumption, decorative designs, material used for fan construction, etc.

Few of the ceiling fan buying guidelines:
Check for following points -
Better Air circulation - For this user needs to select the number of blades that are consisting in fan system and size of the room where the fan is to be mounted. It is recommended to go for the three-blade fan for larger rooms and more number of blades for smaller rooms. The reason for this is more number of blades require more load on the motor and thus low-speed rate.
Secure control system - In the new option, there are numerous options where fans can be operated with remote control or timers. Then, why not to go for it? It makes the process less complicated.
Robust design - The brands like Crompton and kenstar provides you with a sturdy design. It assures good performance and high durability.
Noiseless Operation - In today’s time orient brand is offering you with the more silent working fans. First install and confirm first if the fan works with less or no noise while selecting.

Top brands for the ceiling fans online in India:

Bajaj, Orient, Crompton, Almonard are few of the top brands of the ceiling fans that are easily available online. User can go and check for the design, features and colours on online platforms. Orient brand is known for the best technology and design. They provide a range of premium designer fans. Their models are preferred for low noise and high power delivery.
Some of our best-selling ceiling fans include -
Bajaj ceiling fans - They are known for high speed and scratch resistant feature. Usually, they are suitable for indoors and have three blades with four-speed settings. They have a double ball bearing and stylish designs.

Crompton ceiling fans - It is equipped with a strong motor, ball bearing for silent operation, and aerodynamically designed blades for delivering high performance.

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Ceiling Fans Price List in India 2022

Best Ceiling Fans Models Price
Sameer Ruby - 1200 mm White Copper Winding Ceiling Fan 931
Sameer - 48 W Brown Ceiling Fan with Remote Control 1,491
Power Cell PCF 01 - 230 V, 3 Blade Ceiling Fan 1,441
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This data was last updated on 05/18/2022