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Shop best selling Calculators on Shakedeal. Buy Calculators from various leading brands like Bambalio & Casio - shop Calculators Online and buy at best prices.

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A calculator is a form of electronic device used for making calculations and computations. It comes in ergonomic design and portable format. It can perform various functions in terms of accounting and finance. It is mainly used in scientific, engineering and mathematics field.
A scientific calculator is one of the types of the calculator. It is widely used for both educational and professional settings. Some of its functions include -
Scientific notation
Logarithmic function
Exponential function
Fraction and logical calculation
Statistical and probability function
Matric calculation and calculus
Conversion of units

Components of the calculator:

Input - It comes with a keyboard of the button for digits and arithmetic functions. In specific calculators, the button can perform multi-functioning with some key combination.

Display output - It usually comes with an LCD or vacuum fluorescent display. Fractions are displayed in decimal approximations and are also able to work with the mixed numbers.

Memory - It can store the number in computer memory. The primary type of calculator can store one number at a time, whereas the special ones can store multiple numbers in the form of variables.

Power source - Some of the types of power source includes batteries, solar cells, mains electricity, switch or button.

Key layout - The arrangement of keys is usually standard. At the same time, the position of key varies from model to model.

Types of calculator:

Basic calculator - It is a portable electronic device used at home and office. It can perform basic math calculation like addition, subtraction. Multiplication, division, exponential or logarithmic. It has the power source of either battery or solar energy.

Scientific calculator - It is designed to solve the problems of science, maths engineering. Some of its calculations include the statistical or trigonometric type that can perform computer algebra.

Graphing calculator - It can plot graphs, solve simultaneous equations and functions with variables. It has a large screen to display lines of texts, figures, calculations, etc. It can be connected to various devices such as accelerometer, pH gauges, thermometer, weather device, etc.

Printing calculator - It can easily print the results on paper along with displaying on the LCD screen. It is available in both desktop and portable models. It works on batteries and AC power supply. It is common in shopkeepers for printing bills, receipts or calculates profit margins.

Our top selling calculator available online:

Casio MJ 12D - 12 Digit Desktop Basic Calculator - It comes with a high-resolution LCD screen. It has a natural textbook display pattern. It is easy to use and offers a better view of the results. It comes with a two-way power source - battery and solar. Both students and professionals prefer it. It has the feature of high accuracy that makes it suitable for the different range of application.

Casio 82MS - 12 Digit Scientific Calculator - It comes with 240 functions and reduces the complexities of tough calculations. It comes in a sleek design. It is light in weight and easy to carry. It has drop resistant body and water-resistant printing on keys. "

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Calculators Price List in India 2022

Best Calculators Models Price
Casio 100MS - 10 Digit Scientific Calculator 759
Casio MJ 12D - 12 Digit Desktop Basic Calculator 384
Casio MJ 100D - 10 Digit Desktop Basic Calculator 453
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