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Cables and Wires

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Electrical cables and wires are an intrinsic part of every electrical installation. Here's the list of different types of cables and wires used for electrical systems.

Co-Axial Cables: Co-axial cables are mostly used for installation of set up boxes and dish antenna. They are suited for digital as well as analog transmission. They are capable of minimizing interference from electromagnetic signals and therefore are chosen for digital cable installation. Some top-selling co-axial cable models are Havells WHOJTTKARG59 - RG 59 CATV Coaxial Cable, and Havells WHOJTTKERG11 - RG 11 CATV Coaxial Cable.

Communication & Networking Cables: Communication and networking cables are mostly used for communication and connectivity purposes. They are categorized into CCTV camera cables, LAN cables, Speaker cables, and Telephone cables. Some top-selling communication and networking cable models are Havells WHTTATEL1P40 - 0.4 mm 1 Pair Telecom Switch Board Cable, Havells WHOJTSWBCT41 - 4+1 Core Camera Cable, and Havells WHLJTTERCAT6 - Cat 6 Lan Cable.

Flame Retardant Cables: Flame retardant cables are flame resistant copper cables and are mostly used in fans, electrical appliances, and lights. Some top-selling flame-retardant cable models are Havells WHFFDNRA1X50 - 0.5 sq mm Red Life Line Plus S3 HRFR Cable, Havells WHFFDNKA1X75 - 0.75 sq mm Black Life Line Plus S3 HRFR Cable, and Lapp Cables 1119103 - 0.75 Sq mm, 50 m Grey Olflex Classic 110 Flame Retardant PVC Insulated Cable.

Flexible Multicore Cables: Flexible multicore cables are designed to resist mechanical abrasion and fire even at extremely high temperatures. These cables are mostly used in air conditioners, electrical appliances such as refrigerators and motors. Some top-selling flexible multicore cable models are Havells WHMFASKB82X5 - 2.50 sq mm 8 Core Multicore Round Cable, Havells WHMFDSKB3010 - 10 sq mm 3 Core Multicore Round Cable, and Havells WHMFDSKBE4X0 - 4.0 sq mm 14 Core Multicore Round Cable.

High Tension Cables: High tension cables are used for electrical power transmission at high voltage.

Industrial Wires & Cables: Industrial cables and wires are mainly used for electrical installation in heavy industries.

Low Tension Cables: Low tension cables are mainly used for electrical devices such as switches and sockets. These cables are rust resistant and have high durability.

Submersible Cables: These cables are used for submersible pumps and motors. Havells is the preferred brand for submersible cables.