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Brush Cutters Machine

Shop authentic Brush Cutters Machine at best reasonable price on Shakedeal. Purchase Brush Cutters Machine from assorted brands like Hikoki & KisanKraft.

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Brush cutters are some of the frequently used power tools in the power tools category. If you are a gardening enthusiast and love landscaping, you would need brush cutters for cutting, trimming, and getting rid of weeds and unwanted vegetation. Brush cutters are powered by gasoline, petrol, and electricity. Many amateurs and hobbyists choose cordless and corded brush cutters. Due to low emission rates, brush cutters are environment-friendly and do not add to air pollution. These cutters are useful for both industrial as well as domestic jobs. The longevity and efficiency of these cutters are enhanced by sturdy design. You can get the most out of your tools if they are compatible with host accessories. With appropriate attachments, cutting becomes easier and effective

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A) Petrol brush cutters - Petrol brush cutters usually have a cutting speed of 10,000 revolutions per minute. These cutters have blades made of nylon or metal. Popular models in the petrol brush cutters segment utilize the power of 2.1 HP for cutting shrubs and herbs.

B) Electric brush cutters - These brush cutters are powered by electricity. Electric brush cutters derive power from a four-stroke engine and are complemented by a host of attachments such as a three-point blade, Tap N Go nylon wire, safety belt, and safety guard.

C) Cordless brush cutters - Batteries power these brush cutters and offer more room for the user because the cutter is not tied to a cord. These brush cutters have a sturdy and ergonomic design, which makes it easy to operate, and the user does not experience fatigue even when working with the tool for extended periods.

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1. Hitachi brush cutter - Brush cutters from Hitachi are known for their best-in-class performance and offer more power to the user for cutting shrubs, herbs and smaller plants

2. Clif brush cutter - Clif brush cutters are known for their durability and superior cutting blades. These brush cutters deliver hassle-free performance and one of the best brush cutters available in the marketplace.

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Some popular brush cutters in the marketplace are as follows:

1. Hitachi CG31EBS-1.4HP Brush Cutter

2. CLIF BC 305A-0.90 kW Brush Cutter

3. Hitachi CG40EJ T-1.75HP Brush Cutter

4. Hitachi CG27EAS-1.2HP Brush Cutter

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Brush Cutters Machine Price List in India 2021

Best Brush Cutters Machine Models Price
KisanKraft FarmBoy FB-BC-8652 - 52 cc, 2 Stroke Petrol Brush Cutter 9,322
Capital Tools ID 052 - 1.8 KW, 52 CC, 2 Stroke Air Cooled Brush Cutter 5,889
KisanKraft KK-SBC-3404 - 34cc, 4 Stroke Petrol Shoulder Mounted Reaper 17,203
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This data was last updated on 04/13/2021