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Hitachi PDA100M 100mm Angle Grinder
Hikoki PDA100M - 4 Inch, 715 W Angle Grinder

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Hikoki W6VA4 - 6 mm, 620 W Screwdriver

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Hikoki FCJ65V3 - 65 mm, 400 W Jig Saw

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Hikoki (Hitachi), a Japanese multinational, is known for its quality home and industrial products across the globe. This Japanese giant intends to become a leading name in the industrial tools segment. Drill machines manufactured by Hikoki (Hitachi) have set high standards of performance and efficiency. Hikoki (Hitachi) tools are ergonomically designed and are easy to use. Hikoki (Hitachi) uses world-class technology to power their tools with extended runtime.

Shakedeal has a comprehensive range of Hikoki (Hitachi) products on its marketplace. Hikoki (Hitachi) drills, angle grinders, pressure washers, brush cutters, impact drills, chainsaws, drill press machines, marble cutters, rotary hammers, blowers, and sanders are available on Shakedeal at affordable prices.

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Hikoki (Hitachi) Drills - Hikoki (Hitachi) drills are comparatively lighter than their peers and come with a keyless chuck, which makes it easy to change bits frequently. These drills are powered by Lithium-ion batteries and are equipped with mounded blades for convenient use. Hikoki (Hitachi) drill offers clarity of visibility for cut lines thanks to the compactness of the machines and adjustability.

Hikoki (Hitachi) Angle Grinders - Hikoki (Hitachi) angle grinders are one of the best angle grinders available today. These grinders are powered by a strong motor which helps the user in getting more out of these powerful grinders. Hikoki (Hitachi) angle grinders are equipped with a newly designed large fan which enhances the cooling of the motor and aids in the longevity of the tool. These grinders manufactured by Hikoki (Hitachi) are comfortable to hold and operate.

Hikoki (Hitachi) Marble Cutters - Hikoki (Hitachi) marble cutters use a diamond carbide blade, and these cutters are best suited for cutting flat stones and marble. Marble cutters manufactured by Hikoki (Hitachi) have a metal brush on the ball bearing and a sealed armature coil for better protection and durability of the cutter. Hikoki (Hitachi) marble cutters are easy to use, and their soft grip makes it comfortable for the user to hold and operate.

Hikoki (Hitachi) Impact Drills - Hikoki (Hitachi) impact drills are suited for drilling a wide variety of materials such as masonry, plastic, metal, and wood. Impact drills made by Hikoki (Hitachi) are ergonomically designed, easy to use, and operate. Hikoki (Hitachi) DV13VSS impact drill has a reverse rotation feature which can make the tool work as a screwdriver. Hikoki (Hitachi) impact drills have a maximum RPM range starting from 0 to 2900.

Hikoki (Hitachi) Circular Saws - Hikoki (Hitachi) circular saws are mostly used for wood and plywood cutting. These circular saws can cut up to a depth of 68 mm. Circular saws manufactured by Hikoki (Hitachi) have a strong aluminium based for extra stability and facilitates mitre cuts up to 45 degrees. Changing blades is easy thanks to spindle lock feature of Hikoki (Hitachi) circular saws. Hikoki (Hitachi) has designed circulars saws to ensure that Dust is emitted backwards. This goes a long way in improving the longevity of the circular saw as the motor is prevented from harmful dust.

Hikoki (Hitachi) Pressure Washers - Hikoki (Hitachi) pressure washers are used mostly for high-pressure cleaning of automobiles, concrete surfaces, at residential as well as commercial complexes. Pressure washers made by Hikoki (Hitachi) are compact, light-weight, and easy to use. The ergonomic design of the handles makes it easy to use for pressure washing and better cleaning. Pressure washers from Hikoki (Hitachi) have an in-built thermal protector for the longevity of the machine.