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Aegon APCH5801 - 2600 W Chain Saw
Aegon APCH5801 - 22 inch, 58 cc Chain Saw

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Aegon ACM14 - 355 mm, 2200 W Chop Saw

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Aegon MMA 200 IGBT - 29 A Inverter Welding Machine

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Aegon is The Next Big Thing in Power Tools. Aegon power tools are crafted for excellence. Makers of world-class power tools, Aegon, adheres to the highest standards of quality and precision. The company believes in designing smart and intelligent products that are easy to use and amplify productivity. Aegon manufactures a wide array of power tools for construction, woodworking, and metalworking jobs. Their products have been designed, keeping in mind industry standards, safety, and end-user requirements. Products can be used for more extended periods if they are comfortable to hold and do not cause fatigue. Aegon's ergonomically designed products blend power and safety with comfort to offer the best in class user experience.

Shop from a wide collection of Aegon power tools at the lowest prices in India.

Grinders - Aegon grinders combine the best of power and productivity. They are powered by a 710 watt motor which operates at a speed of 11,000 revolutions per minute. Aegon grinders are known for their ergonomic design and ease of use. These grinders are best suited for sanding metal and concrete surfaces.

Rotary Drills - Aegon rotary drills are designed especially for drilling holes into a wide variety of materials. The tool is versatile and helps you to drill even smaller sized holes. These rotary drills have a drill capacity up to 6mm and operate at best in class no load speed of 450 revolutions per minute. This drill from Aegon can be used almost anywhere starting from household to demanding heavy duty jobs.

Chop Saw - Aegon chop saw has been designed to cut metal like a pro. It is one of the most popular cutting tools in metalworking and construction industry. Aegon has an inbuilt power optimization feature for its chop saws to ensure that no power is fed to the machine during no-loadad intervals.

Cutters - Aegon cutters are compact yet robust enough to cut even sturdy materials such as marble, tile, and concrete. Cutters manufactured by Aegon are considered best-in-class. These cutters have a rated power input of 100 watts and weigh approximately 2.8 kilograms. They have an optimal no-load speed of 1200 revolutions per minute. Aegon cutters are highly efficient and help in maximizing productivity. The cutting blade used in Aegon is grooved, and it ensures minimal sparks during the operation of the tool.

Planers - Aegon planers are the chosen ones by woodworking professionals and aficionados. Manual woodworking planers can bring that super finish to a woodworking job regardless of the type of timber. Aegon wood planers are multi-functional woodworking tools capable of working with softwood, hardwood, and lumber. The planers made by Aegon are lightweight, easy to use, and packed with power. A sturdy motor of 600 watts powers these planers