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Bosch Saw Blades

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There are various types of saw blades offered by Bosch based on the colour, size, application, etc.

Bosch circular saw blades are engineered for staying sharper and last longer. Edge circular saw blades and Track saw blades are the types available. It has a high cutting performance in the case of wood. Protection coating prevents corrosion and reduces friction.

Bosch sabre saw blade - It is also known as a reciprocating saw blade. The fast curved cuts in wood with nails, mild steel, and non-ferrous metal.

Bosch plunge saw blade - It is preferred for the highest precision for clean cuts. It has an adjustable speed setting to cut the material in different multitudes.

Best-selling Bosch Saw Blades available online:

Bosch 2608644273 - 125 mm Circular Saw Blade Eco for Wood - It is specifically used for wood cutting. It has about 30 teeth and 125 mm of outer diameter.

Bosch 2608644272 - 110 mm Circular Saw Blade Eco for Wood - It is used for a woodworking application. It has about 30 teeth and an outer diameter of 110 mm size.

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