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Operating Temperature

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Bosch heat gun is used for stripping paint and varnish, shaping, welding, and shrinking with hot air. It has variable temperature control for attaining the precision in working tasks. The removable heat shields are added to ensure safety in tight areas. There is an automatic turning off the switch to avoid accidents due to overheating process.

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Bosch GHG 180 - 1800 W Heat Gun - It comes with 3 stage temperature selections that include 60C, 350C, 550C. It holds the overheat protector to assure the safety of the device. It is suitable for both personal and professional use. The device is highly reliable and durable.

Bosch GHG 20 60 - 2000 W Heat Gun - It is used for different applications like stripping, painting, welding, soldering, galvanizing, etc. It has a setting wheel to adjust various temperatures to make it suitable for different working conditions.

Bosch GHG 500-2 - 1600W Professional Heat Gun - It has an automatic cooling feature to avoid the overheating of the gun. It has a 2 stage switch for one-handed operation. The working temperature required by the device ranges from 300-500 degrees Celsius.

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