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Bosch Angle Grinders

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Bosch GWS 6-100 -670W Professional Angle Grinder-Small
Bosch GGS5000L - 500 W Straight Grinder
Bosch GGS5000L - 500 W Straight Grinder

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Buy Bosch angle grinder online in India at cheaper price rates

Bosch is the world's leading brand in manufacturing power tools. It is also well known for its high quality and after-sales service. An angle grinder is a type of hand tool used for grinding and polishing purposes. It is widely used in metalworking and construction sites. Bosch Angle grinders are safe to use as they are combined with a guard or attached handles.

Wide range of Bosch Angle Grinder available online just at Shakedeal:

GWS 600 professional is one of the most powerful and reliable tools for tradesmen. It has proper handling due to ergonomically adapted housing. There is a spindle lock for easy disc change purposes.

Small-angle grinders 500 W - 1900 W are sturdy and handy tools useful for working with the metals. It has restart protection and kick start control to ensure the safety of the device.

Bosch 18 V angle grinder - It has an all-day cutting and grinding power that includes a powerful motor to handle the toughest jobs. It has a vibration control side handle to improve the comforts of the device.

Few of our best-selling Bosch Angle grinders consists of Bosch GWS 600 - 4 inch Angle Grinder and Bosch GWS 6-125 -670W Professional Angle Grinder-small.

Basic guidelines to refer while choosing the Bosch Angle Grinder:

Various factors are to be considered while selecting your choice of the angle grinder. These parameters include the disc size and power of the motor. The power source, speed, arbor size are a few of the other essential factors that are to be looked after.

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Various kinds of topmost quality Bosch Angle Grinders available online just at Shakedeal!

Bosch Angle Grinders Price List in India 2021

Latest Bosch Angle Grinders Price
Bosch GWS 600 - 4 Inch, 670 W Professional Angle Grinder 1,686
Bosch GWS 6-125 - 5 Inch, 670 W Professional Angle Grinder 2,625
Bosch GWS 750-100 - 4 Inch, 750 W, Heavy Duty Professional Angle Grinder 2,337
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