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It is majorly used for cleaning appliances and other tasks like air drying, after painting, water washing, and surface treatment. It has an ideal power to weight ratio. It has a carbon brush that is easy to service.

Best Bosch Hot Air blower machine available online:

Some of its typical applications include - Intended usage for refrigerator and air conditioner cleaning. Industrial and electric machines maintenance in various crop mills. It can also be used as installers or assemblers. Its secondary application is a suction mode with restricted application and cleaning of the car interiors.

Bosch Heavy-duty Air Blower by Bosch Professional:

Bosch Air blowers are mostly double insulated system type with anti-vibration option within the device. It has a detachable nozzle for flexibility and fixing purposes. Also, it has an ergonomic handle for secure handling on the upper side.

Bosch GBL 620 - Air Blower - It has the highest cleaning efficiency in its class. It can be used for ventilation, aeration, drying, cooling, etc. It is designed like the carbon brush is implanted from the inside part that can be serviced without any difficulty.

Bosch GBL 800 E - 800W Professional Blower with Dust Extraction - It is used to remove the wet dirt and coarse residues. User is able to save time and protect the tool and health with this device. It has the easiest and convenient fixing of the nozzle and dust bag.

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