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Bore Gauges

Shop quality Bore Gauges at best sensible price. Buy Bore Gauges from assorted brands like Aerospace, Baker, Insize, Kristeel & Peacock

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Insize 2322 60A - 60 mm Bore Gauge

34 % OFF
Insize 2322 450A - 450 mm Bore Gauge

10 % OFF
Insize 2322 250A - 250 mm Bore Gauge

31 % OFF
Insize 2322 160A - 160 mm Bore Gauge

34 % OFF
Insize 2322 35A - 35 mm Bore Gauge

34 % OFF
Insize 2322 161A - 160 mm Bore Gauge

10 % OFF
Insize 2322 100A - 100 mm Bore Gauge

10 % OFF
Insize 2828 800A - 800 mm Bore Gauge

10 % OFF

Buy Bore Gauges online at lowest prices in India

Bore gauges are one of the most popular measuring and layout tools. Layout tools are a marking tool used in laying out work pieces to scribe lines, centre reference, and measure lengths. A few of the other layout tools consist of levels, carpentry squares, measuring wheels, sound measurement, etc.

Bore gauge is an effective tool used to measure the holes accurately. There are numerous types of bore gauges available online suitable for a different kind of applications.

Types of bore gauges available online at Shakedeal – An online store for all industrial products:

Telescopic gauges – It is used to measure the size of a bore. It is done by transferring the internal dimension to a measuring tool.

Bore gauge for a small hole – It requires a slightly different technique to the telescopic gauges. It is initially set as smaller than the bore that is to be measured.

Beam gauges for larger diameters – In the case of measuring the larger diameters, the user needs to use extended beam gauges. As is heavy in weight, it is difficult for the user to handle compared to another type of bore gauges.

Vernier bore gauge – It is an internal tool that is a precision instrument used for measuring the inside dimension of the object such as the diameter of a hole or the width of a groove.

Bore gauge with a dial indicator – It is a unique tool calibrated in .001 inch or .0001 that is used to measure the internal diameter of the hole or pipe accurately.

Long handle for bore gauge, metric dial bore gauge other types that are also available online at Shakedeal.

Get the other type of testing and measuring instruments as well online at Shakedeal:

Shakedeal offers you with a wide range of testing and measuring instruments of high quality and best brands. Some of these instruments include automotive testing, material testing equipment, electrical power testing, temperature and humidity measuring tools, etc.

Best brands for bore gauges available online just at Shakedeal:

You will find the best brand for buying the high quality bore dial gauge by signing up to Shakedeal. These brands include Mitutoyo bore gauge, baker bore gauge, in size bore gauge, yuri bore gauge, yamayo bore gauge.

Some of our top-selling bore gauges consist of Insize 7350 18-Anvil For 10-18.5 mm Bore Gauge, Insize back plunger type dial indicator 2357-5, Mitutoyo 511 702-35 to 60mm Bore Gauge with Dial Indicator, Yuri 512 07- 450 mm Dial Bore Gauge, Mitutoyo dial bore gauge 511-701, Insize 2322 450A-450 mm Bore Gauge, Insize 2322 60A-60 mm Bore Gauge. Visit our website to get attractive deals on bulk buys and annual rate contracts.

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Shakedeal provides the regular festive offers to its customers for all kinds of industrial products. Also, you will get heavy discounts on bulk purchase option. We recommend our customers to opt for the bulk purchasing of the products and get them at wholesale rates and volume discounts. It will not only help in saving the considerable cost in the business but also help in avoiding the shortage of stocks in inventories. Thus, grab the best deal for buying the bore gauges by visiting your online store – Shakedeal.

Wide collection of best quality Bore Gauges online from top brands at Shakedeal

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Bore Gauges Price List in India 2021

Best Bore Gauges Models Price
Mitutoyo 511 209 - 6-10 mm Bore Gauges for Small Holes without Dial Gauge 6,342
Mitutoyo 511 703 - 50-150 mm Standard Bore Gauges without Dial Gauge 8,265
Mitutoyo 511 702 - 35-60 mm Standard Bore Gauges without Dial Gauge 7,282
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