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Buy Bond Paper online at lowest prices in India

Bond Paper is an office supply used for letterheads and other stationery. It is a paper compatible with an electronic printer. The bond paper is mostly used in offices for professional projects. It is used primarily for graphic work that involves a pencil, pen, felt tip marker. It sometimes contains rag fibre pulp that improves the strength of paper. It has high durability and heavier than regular paper. It is a form of writing paper similar to bank paper. A4 bond paper is a standardized copy paper that meets international standards. It comes in a bright white colour.

Two forms of Bond paper:

Rag content Pulp - It is made out of wood, rag content pulp made from cotton fibre. These fibres are the result of scrap from raw cotton and come from cotton and textile factories. It consists of 25-100% of rag content.

Chemical Wood Pulp - It is made of composed of coniferous and deciduous trees and wood pulp that is treated with a chemical process to remove unnecessary materials. The cellulose is then washed or bleached to use in the paper.

Standard size and weight of bond paper:

Both types of bond paper are made up of the standard size of 17-22 inches. At the same time, the standard weight of paper is 20 pounds.

Other paper specifications:

Brightness - It measures the amount of reflectance of a specific wavelength of blue light. It is measured on the scale of 0-100. I.e. higher the number brighter the paper.

Coated v/s uncoated - Coating restricts the amount of ink absorbed of bleed into the paper. It is needful for sharp and complex images. The uncoated paper is usually not smooth and is more porous. They are used for letterheads, envelopes and printed material.

Watermark paper - It is the form of faint identifying mark or brand name infused in the paper that can be visible under the light rays.

Best selling Bond papers available online:

Bilt - 70 Gsm Royal Executive Bond Paper - It is made up of high-quality raw material. It is compatible with all laser and inkjet printers. It provides sharp quality and can be watermarked at both sides. The paper is wrinkle-resistant, and you get the smudge-free printing.

Bilt - 85 Gsm Royal Executive Bond Paper - It is compatible with all range of printers. It gives you a smooth printing experience. The paper has a higher longevity thus provides full safety to the data stored in printed form. The hardness of paper protects the ink from getting faded.

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