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Blowers & Heat Guns

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Cumi CHG600 - Heat Gun

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Blowers and heat guns are the most versatile and are known for offering maximum utility value in the power tools segment. Both blowers and heat guns have similar functions, but they differ drastically when it comes to usage and air intensity. For superior and efficient cleaning, and drying powerful blowers are needed. These tools are widely used in metal, electric power plants, manufacturing, and food processing industries.

  • Air Blowers

Air blowers are used mainly for cleaning work areas from a distance. They are frequently used in cleaning appliances such as air coolers by removing accumulated dust. In woodworking industries, air blowers are used to remove wood dust. Air blowers are preferred in heavy cleaning because they are portable and easy to use. These blowers are used mostly in construction, industrial and electrical maintenance industries.

Top-Selling Air Blowers

1. Bosch GBL 620 - 620 W Blower
2. Dewalt DWB800 - 800W Corded Variable Speed Blower
3. Hitachi RB24EA - 1.1HP, 0.89Kw Blower
  • Heat Guns

Heat guns are used for stripping paint and varnish, welding and shaping with hot air. These guns have a temperature control feature to ensure work precision. For safety, these heat guns have heat shields so that the user is safeguarded against extreme temperatures. Heat guns are easy to use, and their convenient handling makes it easier for users to utilize the tool for various applications.

Top-Selling Heat Guns

1. Hitachi RH600T - 2000W Heat Gun
2. Stanley STXH2000 - 2000W Variable Speed Heat Gun
3. Bosch GHG 20 60 - 2000 W Heat Gun