Wrap it up the right way!

Packaging happens to be the fifth largest and one of the fastest growing growth sectors in the Indian economy. The Packaging Association of India predicts that the sector is slated for 22 -25 % annual growth. E-commerce and organized retail are driving the growth of the packaging industry. Online commerce and the brisk expansion of retail industry has reinforced the demand for quality design and packaging of products.

A McKinsey report states that the cost of parcel delivery is pegged at about 70 billion pounds. For efficient last-mile delivery, organizations in online commerce and retail space are investing in tech and sustainable solutions. Businesses have realized the importance of improving customer experience through sustainable packaging, which not only minimizes waste but ensures that products are delivered intact and  undamaged

Sustainable packaging has become significant for businesses and consumers alike.Brands are making a conscious decision to move towards sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging and there has been a push from the government to put an end to the use of plastic in packaging. E-commerce players dealing with clients, in corporate gifting, office supplies and fulfillment center supplies, have often realized the need to create superior design and sustainable packaging solutions for point of sale merchandise and marketing collaterals for their clients. It has become essential for businesses to re-invent packaging to cut down waste, optimize spending, and delight their customers.  

Product packaging is an extension of branding, so getting the packaging right is crucial for firms.The quality and nature of packaging reflects upon the messaging of a brand. For exceptional visual identity and brand appeal, choosing the right packaging solution partner is important. As the packaging industry is highly fragmented, businesses look for one-stop shop solution providers to meet their packaging needs.

Building great products is only part of the story, getting the packaging right completes it.  Therefore brand managers are scouting for service providers who can help them in getting their messaging and brand story right.