Workplace Hygiene: Ways to reduce sick days and enhance employee wellness

Is it possible to avoid contact with employees who are unwell at the workplace? There's no straight answer. But there are  various ways in which the spread of contagious germs can be stopped, and air-borne respiratory diseases can be kept at bay. Let’s look at some of the effective ways to reduce sick days and enhance employee wellness at the workplace.

Adopt good hygiene practices to ensure cleanliness at work facilities

Workplace hygiene is non-negotiable when it comes to promoting a healthy and productive environment for employees.  Healthy employees not only do better at the workplace but add to the overall objective of ensuring the well-being of fellow employees. Sick employees have a higher propensity of infecting others, and this adds to absenteeism woes as well.

Workplaces should be regularly disinfected, and floors should be wiped clean periodically. Employees should be encouraged to use hand sanitizers before entering the cubicles and meeting rooms. To ensure clean and breathable air at the workplace, good quality air purifiers should be installed. Indoor air pollution is one of the leading causes of respiratory illnesses at the workplace and a significant contributor to employee absenteeism.

Every employee should be provided with tissue papers and wet wipes to ensure they do their bit to make workstation and office premises clean. Office dustbins should be cleaned regularly, and employees should be encouraged to carry their drinkware like cups, mugs and sippers to minimize the spread of infections through the use of everyday cutlery.

Regular health check-up for employees and employe participation in  fitness camps
Organizations should conduct regular health checkups for its employees. These checkups ensure that employees stay healthy and help organizations in optimizing their spend on employee healthcare. Those with special needs can also be guided and coached to adopt healthy practices for their overall well being. Fitness camps are also necessary to keep employees fit and agile.

Organizations should organize sports activities and encourage employees to participate in them actively. Sports is not only good for health but also fosters a spirit of teamwork and camaraderie amongst workforce .