Work-from-home Quarantines: 7 Tips to Stay Productive

In the age of COVID-19, millions of people losing their jobs, or bound to shut down their businesses for many weeks, you are privileged if you are getting the opportunity to work from home and getting paid for the same. At least you are not among those unfortunate workers who are trying to figure out how to feed their family, after losing their daily jobs in the tumult of the economic market.

You may be inconvenienced to work from home in a house full of kids, pets, spouses who are at home from work/school, during a worldwide pandemic quarantine. Even for a tenured work-from-home warrior, it is difficult to focus when you have so many distractions around. However, if you plan and follow some discipline, you will not get frustrated, even when your dog barks or your kids fight loudly during an urgent client’s call. In this blog post, let me tell you seven tips for working from home for focus, productivity and flow-

Get proper workstation

Finding the right place for work within your home can be a daunting task, but you have to see it to get you into “work” mode. Unfriendly work areas could take away your focus hence hinder your productivity. Don’t sit in your bedroom, you might feel sleepy, and no one will be around to wake you up! You are required to create an ergonomic workstation that can motivate you.

Get organized

Plan your day. Just like in the office, you work for a set number of hours. Similarly, you should assign real work hours to stay productive.  Interestingly, at home, you can be flexible in setting your work hours. Enforce a deadline to complete the tasks.

Stay connected

You might feel lonely while working-from-home. So, try to stay connected with the team and other colleagues and clients. ‘Videoconferencing’ tools like Skype, WhatsApp, and Google hangout are boon for all remote workers. Depending on your nature of work, you can conduct a meeting via video and teleconference. Setting up virtual “coffee meet” and “happy hours” can help people to tap

Avoid digital distractions

Keep your phone away, as this is the most significant hazard in the form of messaging, twittering, talking, and gaming. Better to log out of all the personal accounts from your browsers to keep you away from unnecessary, random surfing.


Exercise increases endorphin level in the body, which enhances happiness, and interest levels in doing particular tasks, all of these are important for productivity. There are tons of fitness channels of YouTube and Amazon Prime that may help you to get started.

Take a break

Take breaks to keep stress away. While working form office, you don’t work for a hundred per cent of your time, you go for chitchat with collogues, walk, or tea break.

Eat well

Plan what you are supposed to cook for the next day? You are at home and have full access to the kitchen. Grab, fruits, vegetables, chips, cookies to keep your energy level high.  

Take away

Work-from-home is a luxury, but it can be problematic, if not managed well. Employees who have never worked from home before, it is an entirely new way of work environment where you have to play multiple roles of being an employee as well as parent, taskmaster and cheerleader for your bored family members. These are few tips that can help you to maintain your work-life balance. Did I miss a tip worth mentioning here? If yes, please write in the comments section.