Why it is important to use Safety Goggles?

Different types of accidents occur most commonly at industrial sites. Be it chemical accidents or electrocuting nobody can ensure a total safety at the workplace even after providing safety equipment. Most of the eye hazards take place in an unpredictable situation due to the factors like heat, light, mechanical injuries, flying dust and other suspensions. Workers may be unaware of the contaminated air around the coal chimney or silica vaporizer that can create irritation to their eyes. Or to the next extent they might be exposed to the polluted air for a longer time, and suddenly the eye reaction hampers their eye vision. Likewise, the railway construction site near a diesel reservoir has an atmosphere containing hot hydrocarbon vapor. In such conditions, we must provide proper eye protection to our workers and assure their complete safety.

What are Safety Goggles?

Safety goggles are designed to provide eye protection against various hazards like chemical splashes, contaminants in lab, clean-rooms, heavy industrial environments with a direct or indirect venting design. Its primary purpose is to protect the eyes from physical damage or any infections that can catch from various elements present in the surrounding. It comes in different shapes and styles. Also, it comes with various coatings like anti-scratch, anti UV, anti-static, and anti-fog. Let us see various reasons to use the safety goggles as eye protection.

Protection from various hazards:

  • Chemical, acidic or caustic liquids

There is a presence of chemical, acids and caustic liquids around the laboratories, medical testing and lab centers, pathology, oil refineries, etc. So the workers present in these institutes work closely with these harmful substances. It is necessary to make sure that the workers are using safety goggles while handling these chemicals and acids. Also, it is beneficial if the goggles are having properties like anti-fog, high impact resistance, and anti-corrosion.

  • Direct contact with UV/IR radiations

Exposure to UV rays is the environmental concern of not just you and me but the big concern of WHO organization as well. Thus, it is included in every industrial standard for the workers to use the best UV Protection eye-wear that guarantees total eye safety from UV radiations. Even it is made compulsory for the workers to keep on the UV protective eye goggles when they are in sunny & polluted environment.

  • Molten metal particles

The industries like coal mine or heavy metal construction and purification have an intense thermal environment. This environment consists of molten metal vapor that can affect the worker’s eyes badly. Along with metal refineries, there are local automobile garages consisting of high energy radiations that are very harmful to eye vision. Thus, it is important to wear safety goggles always while working in the industry.

Different types of Safety Goggles:

Welding safety goggles - Welding processes include intense UV and IR rays that are invisible but can cause an eye injury. Welding safety goggles provide a high degree of protection while performing this task.

Laboratory goggles - Lab safety glasses are chemical resistant and fog-resistant eye-wear. It protects the eyes from harmful acid & chemical splashes with full closure design. It usually has a wide panoramic field of vision. It is made up of both hard and soft components, and thus, users can wear it for a longer time.

UV Protection goggles - It has a special coating that blocks the harmful UV rays from entering into the user’s eyes. It provides extra comfort and protects the user from long term eye problems like cataract, eye cancer, etc.

Anti-fog goggles - It has an anti-fog coating to reduce the fogging problem. They majorly come with a clear vision and are suitable for workers working in extreme fog conditions. Usually, it has an indirect ventilation design and Fog ban TM lens.

Our best selling Safety Goggles include -

ESAB 001003002 FG2 - Welders Goggle - It is used for gas welding, brazing and cutting glass. It has a one-piece PVC frame with poly-carbonate lens. Thus, it is impact resistant and has high durability. The goggles provide a clear vision and are user friendly.

ESAB 001003002 FG2 - Welders Goggle 

Midas EP 006 ET 30 - Poly-carbonate Hardy Safety Goggle - It is a single-piece lens and is light in weight. It is made up of an impact resistant poly-carbonate lens with a clear vision. The lens is hard-coated, anti-scratch and an anti UV coating that protects the wearer from UV and IR radiations and impact hazards.

Midas EP 006 ET 30 - Poly-carbonate Hardy Safety Goggle 


The additional benefit of safety goggles over safety glasses is that it has a wrap-around design that helps in protecting even the skin near the eye along with the vision. The foam cushion obstructs the external object or light from directly hitting the eyes. It is better to go for goggle design that possesses the frame and strap with proper fitting to your face cut and head size. As, it will help you experience the high level of eye safety from various hazards. Also, see to it that the safety goggles you select have all those properties that are required for your industry workers.

ESAB FG2 is a safety goggles that are mostly used for gas welding, brazing, and cutting glass. This pair of ESAB welding goggles has a one-piece PVC frame with a polycarbonate lens that is impact resistant and highly durable. This safety welding goggles come with ventilators that give a clear vision to the user. The holding rings enable users to add straps to the goggles to avoid misplacing it. ESAB 001003002 FG2 - Welders Goggle Buy Now
Midas EP 006 ET 30 - Polycarbonate Hardy Safety Goggle - It has a single piece lens and is extremely lightweight. It has an outstanding field of vision. The goggle is made up of an impact-resistant polycarbonate lens. The lens is clear, hard-coated, anti-scratch, and anti UV coating. It protects wearers' eyes from moderate impact hazards, particles, or infrared radiation. Midas EP 006 ET 30 - Polycarbonate Hardy Safety Goggle Buy Now