What is the importance of a Nebulizer in respiratory treatment?

Breathing is an essential part of our lives, and so is the respiratory system of our body. Therefore, it is necessary to take good care of our respiratory system by practicing different breathing exercises, avoiding polluted areas and eating a healthy diet. Still, there are chances of getting respiratory illness due to various reasons like low immune functioning, abnormalities in the development of lungs, direct exposure to the toxic area, presence of viral and bacterial infection, etc. Some of its symptoms include shortness of breath, coughing, restlessness in the chest area and throat ache. Asthma is a prevalent type in chronic disease observed by many people due to pollution, smoke, viral and bacterial infections. For treating this disease, there is a medical device called Nebulizer in the form of a mist inhaled in the lungs.

Working of Nebulizer:

It uses oxygen or ultrasonic power as a breakup solution and generates it into small aerosol droplets. These droplets are inhaled from the opening end of the device. The aerosol is a mixture of gas and solid or liquid particles. Its basic function is to transfer the medicine into the lungs by converting it into a fine mist. A nebulizer is applicable for people suffering from lung disorders like asthma, cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, etc. They are easy to use but take time to dispense the medicine in lungs. As it is a heavy device, it is suggested to sit still during the process of medication.

How to use the Nebulizer:

At first, the user needs to assemble the components namely - air compressor, nebulizer cup, mouthpiece, unit dose and compressor tubing.

Standard steps to use a nebulizer -

- Place the compressor on a flat surface where it is suitable to reach an outlet.

- Check the cleanliness of both device and hands before starting the medication.

- Mix and add the medicinal solution in the container.

- Connect the tube to the compressor and container.

- Attach the mouthpiece and switch on the machine to confirm the misting process.

- Insert the mouthpiece inside your mouth and close the mouth to seal properly and avoid leaking issues.

- Inhale and exhale to take the medication for 5 to 15 mins.

- It is necessary to keep the container upright throughout the medication process.

Various benefits of using Nebulizer:

  • Nebulizer is known for providing quick and effective relief from respiratory illness. Some of its benefits include -
  • Ease of operation - It is very simple to use Nebulizer as compared to an inhaler. User needs to sit in a stable position, measure the medication by placing it in the nebulizer unit and start inhaling and exhaling.
  • Instant results - It takes only 5 minutes to activate the treatment by inhaling through Nebulizer. The medicine bypasses through the digestive system and approach to the infected area to offer instant treatment and relief.
  • Convenient to use - The modern version of Nebulizer is smaller that can fit in your hand palm very easily. Thus, the user can take it wherever he/she wants while taking the treatment. Therefore you do not need extra time to get the medication. Also, it only needs a USB cable to recharge the device as and when required. It is suitable to use even when you are travelling.

Types of Nebulizer device:

Jet - It works using compressed air to create an aerosol that is required for a medication.

Ultrasonic - It generates aerosols through high-frequency vibrations. The particles are comparatively larger than jet nebulizer.

Mesh - It follows the method of making the aerosol by using the liquid pass through a very fine mesh. It is one of the expensive types of Nebulizer.

Methods to maintain and clean a Nebulizer:

  • It is recommended to clean the device after every use to maintain the hygiene factor. As, if you did not clean the machine properly there might be the presence of bacteria or germs.
  • Users should replace the tubing regularly as it is difficult to clean neatly inside the tubing.
  • Daily cleaning is suggested on the mouthpiece with hot water and liquid dish soap by removing off from the medical container. Then the user needs to reconnect it to the compressor.
  • The parts of the device need to be disinfected by soaking them in the solution of vinegar and water.
  • Users can store the nebulizer in cool and dry places. It should be kept out of the light or can be kept in the refrigerator.

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