What is a wall chaser and slotter?

Wall chaser is a form of specialized tool that is twin-bladed. It is primarily used for cutting narrow channels in brick, stone and concrete walls. It is mainly used by electricians and plumbers. The tool is available in 110v to 230v and comes with an adjustable depth of cut for accurate results. The device is powered by an electric motor to drive a pair of abrasive discs that are positioned closely together. It has a similar design as that of the angle grinder. The basic functioning of wall chaser is with the help of continuous motion it is driven against the wall to cut the channels for electrical wiring and pipes.

There are two types of wall chaser & slotter available in the market.

  1. With discs - The device comes with 2 to 6 discs and can cut through any material smoothly. They are generally equipped with segmented diamond discs. Also, they can stand for a longer time for almost any type of cutting task.
  2. With cutters - They are equipped with cutters instead of disc blades. They are suitable for cutting softer materials such as wood or plaster. They are not recommended to use for slotting in hard materials such as concrete or stone.

Selection of the wall chaser & slotter based on characteristics:

Cutting width - The width of the cut is suggested to adjust between 10-40 mm. It is done by the motion of the distance washer between the disc blades. Usually, the size of the cutter head helps to identify the cutting width of the device.

Cutting depth - It is good to have a depth adjustment knob to adjust the cutting depth of the wall chaser. The standard range of cutting depth is from 5-75 mm.

Number of discs - It is better to have more discs for smooth operation and long-lasting grooves. Six discs machine is ideal for professional cutting of chases regularly. 2-4 discs machine is suitable for home use.

Disc diameter - Disc diameter helps to decide the capacity of the chaser to cut the chases. Larger the diameter more powerful is the chaser. Also, heavier the machine faster and safer is the operation.

Dust extraction - As the machine generates immense dust and debris, it is necessary to have a vacuum cleaner connected to it. Also, the dust extraction system must be powerful enough to collect the dust produced by the machine.

Important points to consider for wall chaser & slotter:

1. First identify which all elements to add into the wall, e.g. electrical cables, water supply pipes, etc.

2. Relate the depth of chase depending on the size of the pipe or duct.

3. Also, the width of the chase is based on the depth of the chaser.

4. The route of the duct or pipe should be through the wall or partition wall.

Safety measures to take while using wall chaser & slotter:

  • Always double-check the wall or floor that is to be cut doesn’t have any electrical ducts or heating pipes. It can be accomplished with the help of a pipe and stud detector.
  • It is necessary to use personal protective equipment that comprises hearing protection, safety goggles, respiratory protection and gloves.
  • Always keep the kids and pet far away from the device while in use to avoid fatal injuries.
  • Ensure that the power cable of the machine is not plugged in too far away to avoid unnecessary obstruction or hazard.
  • Always hold the wall chaser machine with a firm grip.
  • In case you are chasing into a hard wall, it is suggested to work on diagonal position to avoid weakening of the structure.