What are Pressure and Vacuum Measuring Devices?

Pressure and vacuum measuring instruments are the type of devices used to measure pressure and ensure if the vacuum systems are working properly. It is applicable for various industries like water and wastewater, pulp and paper, oil and gas, food and beverage, etc.

Types of Pressure Measuring Instrument based on various factors like -

1. Pressure Range – Vacuum gauge, Draft gauge, Low range, Compound gauge, medium range, high range, etc.

2. Working principle – Mechanical movement of sensing element e.g. Bourdon gauge, diaphragm gauge. And electronic sensor e.g. strain gauge, capacitive, resonant wire, piezoelectric, magnetic, optical, etc.

3. Type of Application – Local pressure indication, remote pressure indication, corrosive service, pulsating service, differential pressure measurement, etc.

Different types of Pressure and Vacuum Measuring Instruments:

  • Manometers – It is the device used to measure pressure that consists of a U-shaped tube of glass filled with some liquid. The level of liquid indicates the fluid pressure and height of liquid is measured on scale. The difference in pressures acting in 2 arms of the tube causes the liquid to reach different heights in 2 arms.
  • Pressure and Vacuum Gauges – It can be used for both positive and negative gauge pressure. The gauge is used to measure pressures lower than the ambient atmospheric pressure which is set at zero point in negative values. This device is used to monitor the pressure of air and non-corrosive fluids in pumps, filters, compressors and regulators.
  • Dial gauges – They are used for processes in setting up milling machines and lathes to maintain the accuracy of a work piece. The dial gauge can measure the readings with high precision and identify the defects in a work piece.
  • Air gauge units – They are used for measuring the air pressure.
  • Differential Pressure Gauges and Switches – It works with the wide range of pressure elements. The differential pressure gauge is mainly used for overpressure monitoring in clean rooms and for level measurement in closed vessels. Also, it is suitable for control of the pumping plants. Other applications include the ability to measure and control pressure drop across filters, strainers, separators, valves, pumps, etc.
  • Pressure Gauge guards and Isolators – It is designed to protect delicate instruments from process fluids. This guard and isolator can be utilized with pressure gauges, sensors, switches, etc. to protect under pressure from the process fluid.
  • Pressure Test Gauges and Calibrators – It is a device used for comparing a pressure output to another pressure device of lesser accuracy. The precision regulator is used for metering an external supply pressure to maintain a consistent and precise pressure output.
  • Pressure Transducers and Transmitters – Pressure transmitter is an instrument that measures the pressure in liquid, fluid or gas. It is used to measure pressure inside of industrial machinery. Pressure transducer is a device used to convert the pressure into an analog electrical signal.
  • Pressure Vacuum and Compound Switches – It operates by comparing the relative pressure between process pressure and vacuum. Pressure Vacuum Switch can measure pressure below the local atmospheric pressure or negative pressure. It is applicable for the industrial and manufacturing sector.

High quality brand Pressure and Vacuum Measuring Instruments available online:

1.Kann M1 - 1 mm Dial Gauge For Air Gauge Unit – It has a large dial size for better visualization of measurements and is highly accurate. This Air Gauge Unit can resist rough user application, abrasion, fall, etc. It is easy to read and handle. The device is light in weight with the dial diameter of 150 mm.

Kann M1 - 1 mm Dial Gauge For Air Gauge Unit

2. Mextech LDM 80 - 80 meter Distance Meter – It is compact in size that is used for calculating the distance. The distance meter has a square LCD screen with blue backlight option. It has 9 buttons on the front panel for various functions. This instrument is a highly durable and reliable product that delivers accurate results.

Mextech LDM 80 - 80 meter Distance Meter

3. Mitutoyo 543 681 - 10 mm Digimatic Dial Gauge – It has a scale of 10mm and displays measurements with an accuracy of 0.01mm. The Digimatic Dial Gauge has a simple digital indicator with high precision. As it has a strong structure it can withstand rough applications. The instrument is light in weight and easy to carry.

Mitutoyo 543 681 - 10 mm Digimatic Dial Gauge


Vacuum and pressure gauges and the instruments are majorly used in sectors like automotive, research and development, manufacturing, chemicals, petroleum refineries, pharmaceuticals, fertilizer, etc. Sensors, manometers and dial gauges are few of the common types that proves to be an important component to ensure the proper functioning and safety of both system and equipment. You can check out some of our pressure and vacuum measuring instruments that are available online on our website.