What are Gas cutting and welding accessories?

Gas welding equipment is also known as oxy-fuel or oxyacetylene equipment that uses both oxygen and fuel gas to cut the job or join it. It doesn’t require electricity to weld the metal. It uses a high heat flame created by the mixture of oxygen and fuel gas to cut the material. There are various Gas cutting and Welding Accessories that are to be coupled with the welding machine to boost the process and deliver the efficient results. These accessories include gas mixers, gas reels, gas welders, gas regulators, etc. Let us study these gas cutting and welding accessories in detail.

Gas Cutting and Welding accessories and their uses:

Flashback arrestors - It is a gas safety device used in oxy-fuel welding and cutting to stop the flame. It can also reverse the flow of gas back up into the supply line to prevent the hazard that can be caused by accident. Flashback is an explosion that travels through the torch, hose, regulator and cylinder.

Hose safety clips - Its primary function is to keep oxygen hose and fuel gas hose safely apart. It stops the weld spatter that is getting in between the gas hose.

Cutting and welding hose - It is a pipe used for transporting welding gases to welding equipment. There are various types of hoses such as -

  • Grade R - It is designed for carrying acetylene or oxygen.
  • Grade T - It is used for carrying fuels like propane, natural gas, propylene.
  • Inert gas - It is used to transport shielding gas or water to a welding torch.
  • Twin line - It has one hose for oxygen and another hose for welding fuel gases.
  • Single line - It comes with just one hose suitable for the congested area.

Cutting nozzles - It is the form of a gas cutting torch that is available for various fuels like acetylene and LPG. The nozzle used for acetylene is known as ANM type, and the nozzle for LPG is known as PNM nozzle. Some of its primary functions include cutting oxygen exiting, flame-cutting, gas stream blocking, etc.

Electrode holder - It is also known as a stinger. It is a clamping device used for holding the holder in a secure position. The welding cable attaches the holder through the hollow insulated handle. It has two types - insulated and non-insulated.

Gas cutting torches - It is used in oxy-fuel cutting to heat the metal at its ambient temperature. This gas cutting torches use gases like acetylene, propane, propylene and natural gas. The welding torch is a heat source for manual brazing and braze welding and metal forming and welding.

Regulators - The welding regulator is to control the pressure of the gases used in oxy-fuel welding. E.g., the pressure of the acetylene gas under the cylinder is greater than the pressure of the gas in the torch.

Welding and heating blowpipe - The welding blowpipe is used for fine welding and brazing application. It is used for directing direct streams of gases into different working media. It produces and adjusts an oxy-acetylene flame for welding purposes. It comes with a desirable wall thickness to offer high strength while performing a heavy-duty work. There are two types of blowpipes - High pressure and Low pressure.

Welding cables - The welding cable is a form of portable cord used in various welding and power supply applications. It has a standard size ranging from 6 awg to 500 MCM. It is used for connecting the electrode holder and clamp to the arc welder, welding box, bus or transformer. It is mainly used in the electric arc welding process to power an electrode, metal rod to conduct a charge. This electrode charge is used for generating the electric arc as a heat source between the electrode and metal to be welded. It should be durable and flexible enough to move quickly.

Wire drive unit - The wire drive unit is used in combination with geared PMDC motors for MIG welding. It has a series of rollers that pushes the wire out to the welding torch. It is used to feed the electrode wire at a constant rate, to the welding arc. Its other function is to transfer the welding current from the power source to the electrode wire and deliver shield to the weld puddle.

Some of the other welding accessories include -

Welding kit - It comprises Welding gloves, aprons, welding cap, dust mask, extraction system, welding earplug and other safety equipment. It ensures safety against the high risk of accident during the welding process.

Welding curtain - It is used to absorb fumes, noise and temperature that the welding process creates. It is designed to withstand the threat related to the welding.

Welding tip cleaner - It is used for clean cutting and welding tip for oxi-acetylene torches. It comes with quick flip access that is designed as a stainless steel reamer.

Chipping hammers and wire brushes - Wire brush is used to remove dirt, rust or grime from the workpiece that is to be welded as the uncleaned surface can lead to porosity, crack and lack of penetration. The wire brushing ensures consistency in the welding arc. It is suggested to use the chipping hammer and wire brush made up of tempered steel for carbon steel and brass for aluminium.

Tungsten rods for TIG welding - It is a critical element in the welding process as it channels the current required to establish the arc. It is alloyed with different types of metals.

Electrode drying oven - It is mainly used to heat treat metallic parts by the welders or fabricators. It is used for various applications like ship bearing, cylinder heads, plates, carbon steel joints, etc.

Worktable, jigs and fixtures - The work welding table and fixture comes with regular clamps and vices of various types. The jigs are used to shape and bend the metal for assembly of a specific design. Welding fixture is used to the position of the workpiece while performing the welding process.

Trail shields and purging cups - It is combined with the industrial machine or manual gas tungsten arc welding torch. These devices optimize the distribution of shielding gas and maintain correct gas velocity ratios between the multiple gas paths.

Fire Extinguisher - As the welding and cutting process includes smoke, spark and fumes, there are chances of getting a fire accident. Thus, it is important to keep the fire extinguisher handy to deal with all types of fires that may occur.


Gas Cutting and Welding Accessories, when combined with welding equipment, helps in enhancing the performance and thus provides the effective results. Also, the PPE kit in these accessories works as a lifesaver for welders that are at high risk of hazards. These hazards includes metal fumes, UV radiation, burns, shocks, cuts that can occur during the welding process. Thus, stay safe, along with being perfect while performing welding task by using various Gas cutting and welding accessories.