Various Practical DIY and Commercial Uses of Angle Grinders

An angle grinder is one of the prime power tool. It proves to be a key player in power tools after you get to know its versatility through this blog. The angle grinder comes in various shapes and sizes for different applications. It has three common functions of cutting, grinding and polishing. It is powered by numerous means like compressed air, electric source or gas. This tool comprises of grinder discs, cups and blades, handles that make it a suitable device for construction and repair tasks.

Standard functioning of Angle Grinder:

Cutting - As the tool comes with an abrasive metal cutting disc, it can cut all types of metal, including bolt, iron, rebar, and metal sheet. Instead of a metal disc, it is recommended to use a diamond blade that can cut ferrous metal as well.

Grinding - It can grind metal and tiles, stucco, pavers, rout out mortar, and sharpen the tools. It can be used for weld jobs, smooth jagged cuts, and removing an excessive material like rust.

Polishing - It can polish stainless steel, harder metals, aluminium, etc. It is used for a mirror finish on metal. It is possible because of abrasive angle grinder dishes. The angle grinder kit usually comes with a fabricator, restorers, DIY polishing, etc.

Different Types of Angle Grinder Uses:

Auto Body Work:

Removing Paint - As the disc of an angle grinder is made up of high-quality material, with excellent wear resistance and high durability, and can work efficiently to remove the paint. The disc mostly comes with a reinforced fiberglass backing and has an alternative to wire brushes. Thus, it can remove paint, glue & adhesive, scaling and oxidation, etc.

Rust removal - With the help of angle grinder users can avoid chemicals to remove rust from the tools. Grinder, when combined with the stripping disc, grinding wheel, and flap disc, can easily remove the heavy rust from large objects.


Cutting Ceramic Tile - The angle grinder and ceramic saw blade is used for angle cutting and straight cutting. Straight cuts are made by pushing the ceramic saw blade into the tile vertically and cutting through the tile along the mark. They can make curved, square, and circular cuts for various materials.

Removing old mortar - It is possible to remove old mortar with the right choice of an angle grinder. The tool is initiated with a certain speed before spinning the disc into old masonry. It can cut 2 or 3 cuts measuring less than 12mm into the mortar. These cuts must be on the same side for desirable results. With the help of even strokes and pressure, a user can grind the masonry and cut the old mortar.

Stone Cutting - Angle grinder can cut the stone, ensuring that the stone is clamped to a solid surface or workbench. Marking up the measurement and clamping down on the fixed surface are essential steps. It is suggested to move the blade correctly without pushing it with more force. The placement of the device should be such a way that the wheel should spin away from stone edges.

Metal Working Task:

Cleaning Metal - With the help of the wire wheel and brush angle grinder user can do the cleaning task. Wire cup brushes are suitable for removing dust and deburring purposes. It is better to match the threads to the spindle threads on the grinder.

Cutting Metal - With the help of an abrasive metal cutting disc, the device can cut all types of metals. Diamond blade works efficiently for cutting the ferrous metals. User needs first to select the right grinder and mark the cut for carefully cutting purposes. Never change the direction of the device in the middle of the cutting process and finish the cutting completely.

Polishing Metal - Angle grinder can be used for polishing metal like stainless steel, aluminium and softer metals as well. It is suggested to use the lighter polishing compound for polishing the metal.

Tool Sharpening - As an angle grinder round textured disc, it can be used for sharpening the tools and garden tools like shovel, hose, axes or lawnmower blade. It is recommended to use the safety goggles and mandatory precautions for safety purposes. Also, the device should be turned onto the low-speed setting.


Carving Wood - Using the wood carving disc, the angle grinder can be used for carving the wood. It has a multiple teeth design with a smooth finished surface. Its chain can be sharpened with the chain saw file. It can be used for curved work, inside of bowls, for fast waste removal. It is smooth and controllable to perform carving action and enhance cutting performance.

Planing Wood - With the help of wood carving, rotary planer users can perform wood planing tasks. It is made up of hard alloy and thus more robust and durable. Using the wood planing blade with an angle grinder user can give different shapes, profiles and finishes.

Sanding Wood - Angle grinder can be used as a sander to remove the excess of materials. It can take place with the help of a flap disc. These discs are ideal for removing welds and imperfections, stock removal, blending and finishing. The sanding disc is usually made up of aluminium oxide abrasive. It has a center arbor attachment. The resin bonded fiber backing improves the durability of the disc.


It is very astonishing to know that there are numerous uses of an angle grinder. As we barely considered this tool as a vital part of the power tools category. So, when are you going to try out these DIY and professional uses of angle grinder for your project? We would like to know your experience with angle grinder in the comment section below.