Unboxing: Why do You Need to Deliver an Ideal Packaging Experience to Customers?

You may have heard the famous saying- 'the first impression is the last'. An excellent first impression, in personal or professional life, can tremendously affect your experience and gives you a unique opportunity to engage and establish relationships with the person, place, or thing. Along the same lines, in the context of e-commerce deliveries of products, the 'first impression of the box/ package' matters a lot.

So, how will you create this 'good first impression'? Well, the beautiful package inserts products ordered online makes customers feel valued, build your brand and reputations and ultimately pursues them to explore more.

With rapid urbanization, industrialization, and globalization—and an increase in the availability of mass-produced products, has ignited the need to deliver ideal packaging experience from customers all over the world. The companies like Amazon, Flipkart, ShakeDeal, have realized the value of packaging, hence made it compulsory to all its vendors to use branded packaging material. Given below are a few points why you need to provide an ideal packaging experience to customers.

Product protection

When your package arrives in an expecting customer, the protective packaging adds on the customer's delight, without the excitement being squashed by damaged goods, which can happen if the package has not been packed properly. So, protective packaging plays a pivotal role to protect from potential damage or harm during transportation. It is protective packaging crucial for the preservation of the quality of the product. Many sustainable /earth-friendly, recyclable, biodegradable packaging materials options can give you protective packaging in this modern age.

Care and user instructions

Ideal packaging of the products allows the manufacturers to provide information about usage at the cover of the product. Brief, to-the-point product's information printed on the cover of your packaging gives you intimate access to your customers. These instructions allow users to get acquainted about storing, handling and using the product within its shelf-life.  

Creates brand image

The packaging design of a product is just a thing to keep the product safe and sound, but today it is a kind of visual personality of a product and more. Packaging creates either a positive or negative brand image in the consumer's mind.

Personal connection with the customers

Packaging, especially the personalized packaging enables the seller to establish an instantaneous, face-to-face connection with the consumers. Packaging design is a low-cost way to provide value and increase brand awareness.