Treating Covid-19 in Home Isolation: Care tips, Things you Need to Have 24/7

Have you seen "Home Alone", a famous American family comedy film in which an eight-year-old kid is accidentally left behind when his family goes out on holidays? You might be thinking about why I am mentioning this movie here and how it is related to "Covid-19" and "home isolation". What does home isolation mean? The term 'Home isolation' or 'quarantine' is a state where a patient lives alone in a confined space or room till he/she fights with covid -19 infection.

As Covid -19 pandemic continues wreaking havoc worldwide, millions of patients have fallen sick, died an untimely death, and many get cured in home isolation. Like in the Home Alone movie, the kid bravely saves himself and his house from thieves using his toys, robots, and other gadgets. Likewise, Covid-19 infected patients with mild and moderate infection can treat themselves in home isolation by following doctor's advice. The crucial things like a facemask, sanitizer, Faceshield, Pulse Oximeter, Infrared thermometer are your gadgets that will help you fight with this invisible enemy, and can save your life and protect others from getting infected.  Here are few tips, and list of a few items, that you need to keep handy while treating Coronavirus in home isolation.

Mask is a must

Facemask is a must. Doctors are suggesting using double facemask to stop the spread of the virus. The double mask increases filtration and checks virus-containing respiratory droplets to reach you. the cloth masks can be worn with surgical masks. Double masking is beneficial for you if you visit hospitals, malls, offices and travelling with others outside your household.

Clean your hand often

Keep on washing your hand with sanitizer or soap many times during the day. Being mindful about baterias and doing hands wash frequently is the number one way to prevent the spread of infection. Use sanitizer before eating food, touching surfaces, putting on a facemask and other things.

Disinfecting room

If you have a Covid-19 patient, you need to clean your room with surface disinfectant sanitizer spray twice a day. Clean and disinfect doorknobs, refrigerator handles, TV remote, bathroom countertops, sink, shower, tap, mobile etc.

Keep checking oxygen level

Use Pulse Oximeter to monitor your SPO2 level every six hours if you are infected with covid-19. A pulse oximeter is a battery-operated, small device that clips onto a finger, and within a few seconds, it will show your oxygen level and heart rate. Oxygen level is a sign of how well a body is working and let you know if you need medical care. If your home SpO2 reading is lower than 95%, then immediately contact your doctor.

Monitor body temperature

The people infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus mostly have a fever, along with a cough. This fever can reach up to 100.4°F (38°C) or above and may last more than a week. Fever should be checked every 6 hours. An infrared thermometer, a non-contact thermometer, allows the caregivers to measure temperature from a distance while maintaining social distancing, keeping ourselves and the surrounding clean. This portable, gun-like, lightweight, battery-operated device lets you measure temperature in 0.5 sec. The price range starts from 1000 rs.

Face Shield for extra protection

Suppose you are treating a covid patient in home isolation. Caregivers or other family members need to put on a face shield while interacting, giving food, water, or other items to patients. The face shield will provide you with extra protection and protect others from the spray of respiratory particles.