Top 5 Portable Pressure Washers for Car Cleaning in 2021

Ask yourself one question- Roughly, how much time do you spend in your car daily? What would you say? Hmm.. some would say..1 hour, 2 hours… maybe more. Well, it depends on how far you live from your workplace. So on an average basis, we spend approximately 10-14 hours in the car every week and imagine, you are commuting in a dirty car. An untidy car can have adverse effects on you and your passengers' health and cause distractions. A clean car can give you a more relaxing, enjoyable and healthy ride.

Keeping the car clean is an effort-taking task, so you need to have some tools to make car cleaning easy and efficient. Portable professional high-pressure washers are one of such tools that can be very helpful in cleaning grime, dust, mud, spilt liquids, and dirt from surfaces where cloth can not reach. Here are the top 5 pressure washers for both professionals and homeowners-

Makita HW1200 - 120 bar, 1800 W High-Pressure Washer

Makita HW1200 - 120 bar, 1800 W High-Pressure Washer

The first spot in our car washer list is acquired by Makita HW1200 - 120 bar, 1800 W High-Pressure Washer, all for the right reasons. The lightweight, compact machine comes with a powerful motor with 10 MPa (100 bar) of working Pressure (up to 50X as tap water), trigger gun, Vario-power spray lance, cyclone jet nozzle, detergent bottle, cleaner pin, coupling sleeve, high-pressure hose 10 m, water hose connector, foam nozzle, connector. With excellent mobility and portability, the pressure washer has a total cable length of 10m.


Eco-friendly, portable

Anti-kink 10 m High-pressure hose

Cyclone Guard to prevent water splash

Rate-  Rs.15,253

Bosch Universal Aquatak 125 - 1500 W Green High-Pressure Washer

Bosch Universal Aquatak 125

Similar to Makita, the Bosch Universal Aquatak 125 is a lightweight pressure washer from a very trusted brand. With 1500W motor power, the machine offers extraordinary water force, which can clean off tough stains easily. The device is equipped with Trio Nozzle with fan, rotary, and pencil jet settings, 450-ml High-Pressure Detergent Nozzle, Push-fit connections, and in-use gun storage. Extendable handle, larger wheels and 10 Meter cable length offer greater mobility and more accessible storage.


Comfortable, handy machine

Environment Friendly

Rotary and pencil jet settings for versatile cleaning

Rate- Rs.8,897

Usha Jet Wash 110 - 140 Bar, 50 Hz Multi-Purpose Pressure Washer

Usha Jet Wash 110 - 140 Bar, 50 Hz Multi-Purpose Pressure Washer

Usha Jet Wash 110 - 140 Bar, 50 Hz Multi-Purpose Pressure Washer comes with a solid and robust engine body. The portable, multi-purpose pressure washer's induction motor has 2100 Watts power. Despite being strong, this lightweight device is equipped with a cleanable Suction Filtration System,  One Nozzle, lesser noise, F-class insulation, and 140 Bar- maximum pressure.


Multi-Purpose Pressure Washer

All In One Nozzle for Water Jet Regulation

Compact and Portable Design

An easy cleanable suction filtration system


Truman Mx1075 - Car Washer

Truman Mx 1075- Car Washer

This product from Truman is a lightweight, compact car washer. It only weighs 5 kg and is easy to move around. The machine has a 1500 Watt motor with a water flow rate of 390 litres per hour. This MADE IN INDIA car washing machine is designed with a trigger operated gun with its safety device called unloader valve to ensure safe usage. Along with being compact with a portable body, the machine is available at a very reasonable price.  



Safe to Handle

Maximum 90 bar of Pressure

Rated voltage: 220V

Rated input power: 1500 W

Rate- Rs, 5,815

Aegon APW-1500 - 195 Bar, 1500 W Professional High Performance Induction Motor Pressure Washer

Aegon APW-1500 - 1500 W Professional High-Performance Pressure Washer

If you are the one who is looking for an inexpensive car washer, then you might consider the Aegon APW-1500 - 1500 W Professional High-Performance Pressure Washer! Equipped with a motor capacity of 1500 W, this car pressure washer can be used in exterior cleaning applications of vehicles, bikes, sidewalks, decks or any other vehicle. The pressure washer includes a high-pressure hose, one Water Pipe, one spray gun, two connectors, and a detergent dispenser.


Portable, reliable complete cleaning system

Low noise operation

Effective high-pressure cleaner

Rate- Rs, 4,898

Last few words-

For an average, middle-class person, CAR is a significant, most probably one-time investment. Most people keep one car in their life. It is like an extension of your personality. People will evaluate you on how well/or not well maintained your personal belongings like mobiles, cars, homes are. So, do yourself a favour- keep your car clean.