Top 5 pocket-friendly safety glasses

Whether you are working in a construction site, hospital, laboratory, mechanic shop, or any other place, you need to cover your eyes to protect yourself from infection, injury from chemicals or other objects. You need to understand that it is essential to reduce your risks of injury and illness at work no matter what your job. So wearing safety goggles is perhaps an apt way of protecting your eyes. Available in various shapes and styles, these affordable and stylish safety goggles are made of soft polyethylene plastic and are chemical and scratch-resistant. These can be used in multiple industrial environments. Here are the top 5 pocket-friendly safety glasses that can be bought under 100 rupees per piece.

Karam ES 008 - Clear Lens Chemical Splash Proof Safety Goggles

Karam ES 008 is Anti-fog safety goggle. It has a soft and wide PVC casing around the rim to ensure 100% sealing of the eyes against chemical and liquid splashes. The cost-effective provides indirect ventilation slits on both the top and the bottom parts of the rim to allow for air circulation.

Midas EP 006 ET 30 - Polycarbonate Hardy Safety Goggle

The Midas Polycarbonate Hardy Safety Goggles provide the user with improved vision while dealing with different lighting levels. Industrial-grade impact-resistant polycarbonate hardy safety goggles come with a lightweight lens that carries side vents to ensure zero fog accumulation inside this anti-scratch safety goggle.

Honeywell 1015370 H6 - Polycarbonate Hard Coat Protective Eyewear

The sporty, stylish and lightweight Honeywell 1015370 H6 - Polycarbonate Hard Coat Protective Eyewear saves users from impact, flying objects, dust and airborne particles. It is suitable for workers in constructions, electricians, and provides a broad vision with enhanced protection.

Venus Safety G-102 - Pack of 20 Ultralite Lens Safety Glass

Venus Safety G-102 is made in India- safety glass that is manufactured by Venus Safety. It protects the eyes when operating power tools or industrial or chemical apparatuses. The Ultra lite glasses find applications in agriculture, chemical, electrical utility, hazardous material, painting, Nuclear oil, paper, pulp, sanding and grinding, making them a necessity.

Karam ES 003 (IR-5) - Gas Welder's Choice Welding Safety Glass

This polycarbonate lens is corrosion-free and provides side-shield, temple grip, adjustable temple, to the wearer. Karam ES 003 (IR-5) can be used in gas welding operations.


Our eyes are the window to the world, so taking good care of these is our responsibility and utmost importance for preventing blindness or eye infection progression. One should never risk danger to its face and eyes, even for just a few minutes of welding, cutting, or grinding. These are few best industrial safety glasses for workers working in constructions, electrical, welding, woodworking, and hospitals.