Start Your Mornings With Delicious Sandwiches Made From These Sandwich Makers

Whether it is paninis made from meat or just plain toasts, sandwiches are loved by all. Many people opt for sandwiches for their morning breakfast as it is the best snack to get charged up for the entire day.

Since sandwiches are favorite among many people, sandwich makers have evolved over the years to suit the needs of all. With ceramic coatings and flexible, non-toxic grill plates, these sandwich makers have been manufactured and modified to ease the process of sandwich making. So, the next time you grill a cheese sandwich, you don’t have to worry about it sticking on the surface. That being said, you should also look for a sandwich maker that provides 700+ power so that you can make your favorite sandwiches within a few minutes and refrain yourself from getting late to work.

Best Sandwich Maker In India

There are various sandwich makers in the market. Knowing the specifications of each will help you select the right kind for your breakfast needs. So, here you go!

1] Orbit Panini Grill Sandwich Maker

Available in silver and black shades, the panini grill sandwich maker comes in 750-watt power and in steel material. It is one of the finest sandwich makers in the market with indicator light. So when your sandwiches are ready, the indicators will notify you about it, and you can put off the maker so they don't burn. Also, the indicators will notify when the grilling starts. In addition, it also comes with a non-stick plate, and thus, your sandwich won't stick on the surface while it's getting grilled. Apart from this, it also comes with adjustable heat settings and a handle so that you can use the product safely. Manufactured by the Orbit brand, you cannot simply doubt its efficiency.

2] Orbit Classic Sandwich Maker

This is another sandwich maker variant by Orbit. In this maker, you can make two sandwiches at the same time. It is a 100% authentic machine, and therefore, you do not have to worry about its maintenance. Besides, it has thermal insulation that ensures that you don’t burn your sandwiches while grilling. Regular cleaning will keep it healthy for a long time. This sandwich maker also has an indicator and works at a 750-watt power. It comes in a solid black colour and has a strong heat-resistant body that makes it a perfect product for more prolonged use. You can use this product daily, and it comes with a one year warranty period. All in all, it is an ideal product for your everyday sandwich making.

3] Bajaj SWX 4 Slice Sandwich Toaster

Bajaj SWX 4 Slice Sandwich Toaster is one of the most popular toasters as it is both reliable and long-lasting. This toaster comes in both black and white colour and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene material and hence has a polished finish. Coming to the features of this product, it too has a non-stick coating, and thus, you won't face much difficulty during cleaning. It has buckle clips for the handle and indicators to notify the different stages of sandwich making. Furthermore, it supports 800-watt power, and hence the sandwich can be cooked within four minutes. These toasters not only look stylish but are also effective for everyday use.

4] Bajaj ATX 4 - 2 Slice Auto Pop Up Toaster

As the name suggests, these are automatic toasters which means that as soon as your bread is grilled, it will pop up on the top of the toaster. So, you don't have to wait for the machine to show an indication; relatively, as soon as the bread pops up, you can pull out and add in the sandwich filling and enjoy. You can adjust the heat level of the toaster by twisting the knob to your preferred capacity. This toaster is readily available in the stores in white shade, and you can toast upto two slices at one time. This product comes with a removable tray that you can clean from time to time to discard the bread residues. It can support 750-watt power and needs a voltage of 230 volts to operate.

5] Bajaj ATX 3 - 2 Slice Auto Pop Up Toaster

Just like the previous product, this product also functions in the same way. The only difference is that it comes in black and white shades. So, if you want a different shade for your pop-up toaster, you can go for this one. It also has a hinged crumb tray that can be removed, cleaned, and reused if any bread crumbs are accumulated on it. It is made up of metal and also has a browning control knob. It comes with a two-year warranty period and works at 700 watts. You can also adjust the grilling heat in this toaster.

Now you have a list of the best sandwich makers in the market. So, without any further ado, check the specifications of each and make your sandwich-making process easier and mess-free than before.