Top 5 Best Room Heaters in India for Winter Season

With temperatures decreasing over most of India, getting through each day during winters can be a challenge. When it comes to generating a warm environment inside your room or at work, room heaters are the most effective and convenient option. This electrical device keeps you away from shivering or freezing on a cold night. Like any other electric appliance, room heaters come in a variety of sizes and styles. Room heaters feature various types and provide you with a warm and pleasant environment at a low cost.

There are several vital things to consider when shopping for the best-selling room heaters in India this winter season. Many dealers are offering a variety of room heaters and other heating appliances. However, with so many brands on the market these days, finding the best one isn't always easy as it may seem. So, here are some essential suggestions to help you choose the ideal room heater for your home this winter season.

Types of Room Heaters in India:

If you decide to get a room heater, the first step is to research the type of room heater that would suit your requirements. There are many different room heaters on the market, each shape, design, price, and other features. Room heaters can be divided into three primary groups based on heating or heating technology.

  1. Fan Heaters: This type of heater is also known as a ceramic heater, a convection heater, or a blower heater. This type of heater is ideal for quickly heating a broad and wide area. This convection heater quickly generates heat and is safe to touch since the ceramic coil heats the hot air. This heater comes with a fan that blows out the hot air, keeping your living space warm. A convection room heater is inexpensive and uses less energy, so that it can also be cost-effective.
  2. Infrared Heaters: These are a type of heater that uses infrared light. These heaters are also Halogen, Quartz, and Radiant room heaters. The radiant room heater operates like a campfire and simply heats the area. As a result, it is appropriate for a single person or a small place. There are no fans on this heater; it is quiet and does not create noise. Furthermore, it quickly heats up and consumes less energy. It is, however, insufficient for large spaces or groups of people, and it is not child-safe as its surface becomes extremely hot.
  3. Oil-filled room Heaters: These room heaters run on oil and are also known Oil heaters. Oil-filled radiators are one of the greatest heaters. However, they do take longer to heat up. It's also quieter than a ceramic convection heater. Room heaters that are filled with oil use less electricity are effective in conserving energy. As oil is utilized as a heat reservoir, the room will remain warm even if the heater is turned off. Oil-filled room heaters do not consume oxygen and lower humidity, making them the greatest option for newborns. They are healthy solutions because they do not cause suffocation, dry eyes, or skin rashes.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Room Heater:

Here is a quick list of points to consider before you buy a Room Heater:

  • Type: The room heater you require is the most important factor to consider before buying one. Convection, radiant, and fan room heaters are the three most common varieties on the market. Radiant room heaters are used to swiftly heat small spaces, while conventional room heaters provide warmth to a larger room. As a result, it's crucial to select a room heater that meets your needs.
  • The ability to heat: It is crucial to select a room heater that is appropriate for the size of the area to be heated. A room heater, for example, employs ten watts of heating power to heat each square foot of room. This means that if you need to heat a 150-square-foot space, you will need a Room Heater with a 1,500-watt heating capability. Other factors that influence heating include heating technology and the indoor environment.
  • Noise Disturbance: Room Heaters, like all other electrical equipment, Room Heaters make noise when they are in use. Some create more sound than others, and the loudness can be annoying. As a result, make sure you purchase a room heater that produces little or no noise.
  • Added safety and security: As you'll be working with electricity and heat, one of the most important considerations when selecting a room heater is safety. The room heater must have a cool and shockproof body surface. It should also have advanced safety features including overheat protection and an automated switch-off mechanism when the internal components reach a hazardous temperature.

A Glimpse of the Best-selling Room Heaters to Buy this Winters

Sr. No.

Room Heaters

Heat Settings

Material/ Heating Method



Urja Lite ULEFRH 1 - 50 Hz, 210 to 230 V AC Table Top Auto Thermal Cut Off Electric Fan Room Heater ( Pack of 4)

1000-2000 W

Rust Free ABS Body

Rs. 3,065


Urja Lite ULEFRH 1 - 50 Hz, 210 to 230 V AC Table Top Auto Thermal Cut Off Electric Fan Room Heater ( Pack of 2)

1000-2000 W

Rust Free ABS Body

Rs. 1532


Bajaj Blow Hot - 2000 W, Off White Fan Forced Circulation Room Heater


Forced Air Convection

Rs. 2051


Urja Lite ULEFRH 1 - 50 Hz, 210 to 230 V AC Table Top Auto Thermal Cut Off Electric Fan Room Heater ( Pack of 4)

1000-2000 W

Rust Free ABS Body

Rs. 3065


Urja Lite ULEFRH 2 - 50 Hz, 210 to 230 V AC Table Top Auto Thermal Cut Off Electric Fan Room Heater ( Pack of 4)

1000-2000 W

Rust Free ABS Body

Rs. 2799

Safety Tips for using a Room Heater

  • Do not leave the heater unattended for an extended period.
  • Look for a heater that has extra safety features.
  • Purchase only approved or certified room heaters.
  • Keep heaters away from kids and pets.
  • Keep the heater away from the water source.
  • Connect the room heater straight to a wall outlet.
  • Make sure the socket is not overloaded.

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