Top 5 Best Heat Guns for Repairs and Maintenance

Did you ever enjoy water gunfight as a kid? Did you like watching Star Wars rebels and shooting up Imperial bases with virtual guns? I am sure we all like playing with guns since our childhood. It is fun and flirty game. Well, in this post, I am not talking about these play guns. On the contrary, I will be discussing the five best heat guns, for the people who are looking for some tool to do complete their messy, time-consuming tasks like; blistering old paint, installing the floor, bending pipe, welding roof etc.

Available with a minimum temperature of around 49 degrees Celsius, these heat guns are instantaneous, electronic hand tool that functions like hair dryers. This lightweight, easy-to-use tool, is also known as a hot air gun and can ignite a flame in highly flammable items. Here are the top 5 best electronic heat guns, at a price that won’t break a bank:

1. Dewalt D26414 B1 - 2000 W, Heat Gun with LCD Display

Price: Rs 3,315


• Can reach a maximum temperature between 50 to 600 degree

• With 2000-watt power and LCD

• With airflow rate can be up to 650 litres per min

• Comes with two different nozzles- Cone nozzle and Fishtail surface nozzle for various applications

• Used for applications like stripping old paint, drying new coats of paint filler, re-melts adhesives/ removing stickers, welding plastics, Thawing frozen water pipes, ski waxing etc.

2.Bosch GHG 180 - 1800 W Heat Gun

Price: Rs 1,969


• The blue plastic body Heat Gun comes with a dimension of 240mm x 50mm x 210mm

• Allows 3 stage temperature selections which include 60C, 350C or 550C

• 1800w input power generates sufficient airflow and temperature for all fixing applications.

• Heat isolation cap

• Can be used in shrinking, car dent and shaping PVC pipes.

3. Hikoki (Hitachi) RH600T - 2000W Heat Gun

Price: Rs 1,470


• Comes with two heat settings for more control while working on different applications.

• Overheating protection

• A cool air shot for quick cooling

• Soft Grip handle for comfortable operation

• Includes round, flat, curved surface and glass protector nozzle

4. Stanley STXH2000 - 2000W Variable Speed Heat Gun

Price: Rs, 1,556


• Can be operated in three modes - rotary drilling, hammer drilling, and chiselling.

• Electronic variable speed for better control

• Rubber grip handle for easy use

• Suitable for fixing holes as well as drilling anchors on hard surfaces.

5. Dongcheng DQB2000 - Heat Gun

Price: Rs 1,268


• Comes with 24 x 7.5 x 26.5 cm dimension and weighs 599 g

• With 2000W power, heat gun ensures fast heating and strong airflow

• Built-in overheat protection device for prolonging usability

• High/low temperature/airflow adjustment

• Rubber grip handle for easy use

• Suitable for fixing holes as well as drilling anchors on hard surfaces.

These are few affordable, best price heat guns that can be used in art and craft, removing paint, cosplay, electronic projects and many other things. Did I miss any hot air gun that genuinely deserves to be the part of the list? If yes, comment below.