Are You a DIYer? Here Are the Best Hammers For You!

Whether you are undertaking sturdy DIY projects outside the home, renovating your interiors, or decorating your wall by hanging a picture, a hammer is a utility tool that every DIYer needs. Nowadays, DIYers or creative folks chase down ways to makeover their rooms and homes, and a hammer is a must-to-have tool for this stuff!

A Highly Useful Tool

Hammers are the handiest tools used for a wide range of striking operations, like breaking, fixing, shaping, etc. The tool comes in diverse designs according to its intended purpose, from Cross pein hammers to Curved claw hammers. Selecting the right tool can significantly distinguish smart work and hard work as it eases the working procedure. Let’s discuss some major types of hammers crisply:

  • Ball Pein Hammer: A Ball Pein Hammer is also known as a Machinist’s Hammer. It is recognizable by its two heads - one is round, and another is flat. Traditionally, it is used in metalworking, but you can also pound punches, chisels, and rivets.
  • Tack Hammer: A Tack hammer is a lightweight tool, also known as an Upholstery hammer. It is used for driving upholstery into furniture or other surfaces. There are two faces in most tack hammers, and their split side is magnetized.
  • Claw Hammers: Claw Hammers are the most common hammers used to strike or pull nails from surfaces. You can recognize this hammer from its flat head and claw. Usually, these are not suited for heavy hammering works like ball pein hammers.
  • Electrician Hammers: The Electrician hammer is nearly identical to a claw hammer in looks and handling. But it features an insulated fibre-glass handle with a rubber-coated grip which makes it ideal for electric work. Also, it has a longer striking head.

A clear idea of what to buy and why will help you know which Hammer is the most appropriate for your DIY projects. For helping you find the Hammer that best suits your DIY style, we have described some of the best hammers.

Let us explore!

1) Stanley 51 - 152 Steel Shaft Claw Hammer (220g/8 Oz)

The Stanley 51 - 152 Steel Shaft Claw Hammer is the most sturdy and durable claw hammer among the various claw hammers. It is one of the most high-quality claw hammers in the market. It features a 15% longer shaft that ensures enhanced balance and control. In addition, the Hammer is individually heat treated to stand longer and its 15% longer grip guarantees high-standard performance. Stanley Steel Hammers are known for their toughened and tempered tube-shaped steel shaft. The Hammer also has a Flock filled rubber grip that offers the user excellent comfort and gives steady results.

Main Features:

  • Meets ANSI Standards
  • Longer shaft and extended grip ensuring high-standard performance
  • Fully heat-treated for resistance
  • Toughened and tempered tube-shaped steel shaft
  • Flock filled rubber grip for comfort

2) JK Super Drive Claw Hammer with Wooden Handle (500 g)

The JK Super Drive- 500 grams Claw Hammer with Wooden Handle is a multi-functionality tool fabricated with premium quality material. The Claw Hammer with Wooden Handle is designed for working on wooden DIY projects. The main use of this Claw Hammer with a Wooden Handle is striking nails into wood or extracting the pounded nails. The flat side of Hammer's head is for pounding, and the other side has a claw that removes nails from wooden surfaces. The tool resembles the alphabet 'V' that allows nails to fit. The wooden Handle of the Hammer is typically manufactured with tough and durable material.

Main Features:

  • Sturdy & Long-Lasting
  • Multi-functional tool
  • Easy Wooden Grip for comfort

3) The Baum 290 Ball Pein Hammer (600g)

The Baum 290- 600 grams Ball Pein Hammer is used for the non-destructive shaping of metal materials by hammering. The head of this Ball Pein Hammer is a solid forged steel head with a long wooden handle that offers a firm grip. The head of this hammer tool is ball-shaped from one side to provide a remarkable hammering experience, and the other side is flat for driving. The Hammer is aptly toughened and tempered for strength. The Baum Ball Pein Hammer is ideal for metalwork and peening. It features a polished black phosphate finish that ensures a high-quality hammering experience and makes it corrosion-free.

Main Features:

  • Attractive body with ergonomic design.
  • Fully toughened and tempered body.
  • Long Handle for a comfortable grip.

4) Eastman E 2065  Cross Pein Hammer (600g)

Eastman E 2065 - 600 g Cross Pein Hammer is one of the safest and most in-demand hammers due to its longer working life. The cross pein hammer features a wooden handle and a two-sided head, one is flat, and the other is rounded. It is used to shape metal materials, hit chisels & punches, and closing rivets. Moreover, it is also used for cutting bolts, plastic, rivets, and metal sheets by hitting the chisel. In addition, the smooth finish of its head and Handle offers excellent comfort to the user.

Main Features:

  • Long-lasting and Heat-resistant
  • Polished head made with high-grade carbon steel
  • Wooden Handle with a smooth finish

5) Baum 153 - 300 grams Machinist Hammer

The Baum - 300 grams Machinist Hammer features a squared body. The hammer is fabricated with solid steel. One side of the Machinist Hammer is elongated with a blunt edge, and the other is flat for striking. The Machinist Hammer is very handy and lightweight, making it suitable for fieldwork. Moreover, each face of the Machinist Hammer is covered with black phosphate. The Baum - 300 grams Machinist Hammer has a non-marring finish and a solid wooden handle with finger grip indents for the user comfort.

Main Features:

  • Suitable for various works
  • Works on metal, bricks, & concrete.

So, picking up the right tool completes 80% of the task. The rest 20% relies on how meticulously we use that tool and how carefully we execute the task. Taking proper safety is inevitable. You need to understand the mode of operation before accomplishing your DIY project. Once you have planned everything nicely, you are ready to work. Pick your tool and complete your project. Good luck!