Top 10 Work Gloves For Construction Work

Work gloves are used while doing construction work to protect the worker's hands. This work includes the assembly and installation process. Some of their common uses include factory and maintenance work, heavy-duty operation and outdoor construction. They are usually cut-resistant and have high breathability features. The work gloves possess high gripping power even in wet or oily conditions. Also, the gloves are abrasion resistant to protect the user's hands during cable splicing, conduit handling, metal stamping and fabrication. These work gloves are specially designed for concrete, electrical, flooring, HVAC, landscaping, lumber, material handling or plumbing workers. They are known for a proper fit to tackle the common hazards and experience safe working conditions. By handling the rocks, blocks and other concrete products, the workers may get dry skin and rashes. Thus, it is suggested to wear these gloves when on-site and while handling or lifting the equipment or tools.

Best 10 Work Gloves for construction:

1.CLC Custom Leathercraft 125M Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves - It is a shrink resistant glove made up of synthetic leather. It is tough and resists hardening. It helps in keeping the hands of workers warm in cold conditions. It remains firm on hands even when they become wet due to sweat or weather conditions. It is highly durable, flexible and long-lasting gloves. It is mainly used for carpentry, automotive, basic utility and plumbing.

2. Ironclad General Utility Work Gloves GUG - It comes with thermoplastic rubber knuckle protection feature that works against the impact and abrasion. It offers a secure fitting with the help of the adjustable hook and loop system. It is comfortable to wear and remove these gloves. It is an ideal option for the shop, home, delivery, clean up, construction and rigging.

3. Mechanix Wear MFF-05-010 Fast Fit Work Gloves - It is made up of form-fitting trek dry material that keeps the hands cool and comfortable. It has a flexible thermoplastic rubber elastic cuffs that provide a secure fitting to the wrist.

4. Carhartt Men's The Dex II High Dexterity Glove - It is made up of textured, breathable spandex with leather palms. Thus, it provides extra protection and high durability. The foam padding on palms is a unique feature of these gloves.

5. Superior MXBL Clutch Gear Synthetic Leather Mechanics Glove - It has an excellent grip and touch sensitivity. It comes with neoprene padded knuckles and adjustable Velcro strap to offer the custom fitting. It is applicable for mechanics, assembly work, construction, material handling and forklift drivers.

6. JORESTECH Work Gloves Multipurpose - It is made up of ultra-resistant synthetic leather that delivers extra protection. It comes with silicone dot printing for improved grip and holds. The spandex back neoprene strap offers extra protection to knuckles.

7. Vgo High Dexterity Heavy Duty Mechanic Gloves - It has impact protection and high dexterity with EVA padding for working well against the vibration. It comes with good flexibility, breathability and comfort. The touch screen fingertips are suitable for smartphone control purposes. Also, it is easy to clean and maintain these gloves.

8. Clutch Gear Impact-resistant mechanics gloves with PVC palm - It safeguards the user's hands against knocks and bumps without affecting flexibility or dexterity. The PVC palm patch offers a firm grip for enhanced fingertip protection. It has adjustable Velcro cuffs for extra comfort. The Kevlar thumb patch prevents wear through the issue in a high stress area.

9. Dexterity 13 gauge cut resistant glove with foam nitrile palm - It is made up of Kevlar blended fiber that protects against the cut. The foam nitrile palm coating improves the grip even in wet and oily condition. The string knit shell improves the dexterity and breathability as compared to traditional leather gloves.

10. Endura Goatskin Kevlar Lined Impact-resistant Driver gloves - It has an excellent cut resistance due to composite filament fiber lining. It has a vibration dampening padded palm. The gloves have a high tensile strength that provides high abrasion resistance.


It is essential to provide your workers with work gloves while performing construction work. It helps in protecting them against the puncture injuries, absorption of hazardous substances, cuts and burns, temperature change, etc. Also, you need to consider certain important factors like material, performance, accuracy, grip, comfort, size, length, dexterity and safety while selecting these gloves. Thus, we are compiling and sharing the list of best work gloves that are suitable for construction work. It will save your time on research work and help you decide the most appropriate work gloves for your workers.