Top 10 Essential Cleaning Equipment Every Home Needs:

It is rightly said that healthy living starts with a clean home. Cleaning a home includes numerous tasks like cleaning furniture surfaces, rugs and carpets, curtains, floors, walls, appliances, etc. With the help of modern technology, we can now get an advanced vacuum cleaner, pressure washer, scrubber machine, etc. These advanced models deliver high performance resulting in effortless everyday cleaning. Below are some of the must-have cleaning equipment useful for home cleaning.

10 Essential Cleaning Equipment Every Home Needs:

Pressure Washers - It is a high-pressure mechanical sprayer used to remove paint, mold, dust, and dirt from various surfaces. The machine is a motorized hose pipe that delivers a powerful concentrated jet of water for cleaning purposes. The measurement unit of the pressure washer is gallons or liters per minute. The washer uses a method of cleaning the dirt, stains, grease and grime using the combination of water and detergent under a certain level of pressure. It  comes with an adjustable pressure nozzle to regulate the water flow and its direction. Some of the common pressure washer uses are washing garage floors, concrete, wood decks, fencing, vehicles, home exteriors, etc.

Scrubbers It consists of disc brushes or floor pads to perform cleaning tasks using water and detergent. The device scrubs and cuts the dirt using less water resulting in excellent cleaning performance. Mini scrubbers are robust, lightweight and versatile. They are known for quick cleaning with easy & simple controls. It is a handy tool suitable for regular maintenance of multiple floor surfaces. The scrubber is applicable for various floors like marble, stone and fitted carpets. The electric floor scrubber type is lightweight and operates on a battery system. Users can comfortably clean even the hard to reach places without any hassle.

Steam CleanersIt helps to clean and sanitize surfaces at your home in a very non-toxic way. The machine generates steam to kill all the bacteria and germs to make the surface safe and healthy. A steam cleaner can safely clean various household surfaces like tile, floors, sinks, tubs, carpets, shower, oven, stovetops, grills, glass, etc. Also, it is highly effective against dust mites and bed bugs. The regular use of steam cleaner helps keep the home hygienic and free from various types of allergies.

Vacuum CleanersIt is a cleaning machine that helps the user keep the home clean and sparkling. A vacuum cleaner helps remove all the allergens, germs, dirt, odor, bacteria that can cause disease and breathing problems. It comes in various colors, shapes, sizes, styles, and unique features. The modern version of vacuum cleaner can suck both wet and dry dust to collect in a dust bag for disposal. A few of its common types include canister, deep cleaner, upright, handheld, sweeper and robotic.

Brooms/Push Brooms/MopsBrooms usually consist of stiff fibers parallelly attached to a cylindrical handle. It is mainly used for sweeping walls, removing cobwebs and spiders. Broom is suitable for rough tasks like sweeping dirty sidewalks, concrete floors, or any hard surfaces. A push broom is the easiest way to clean the mess from the larger area's hardwood, tile, marble, or vinyl floor. This long-handled broom has a long flat head attached to an angle to a wooden handle to clean carpet, tile or floor. The push broom has the additional benefit of pulling dust, hair or food scrap into the built-in dustpan. It is a convenient option for hard to reach spaces due to its compact design. Mop is the combination of a bundle of strings/piece of cloth/sponge and a pole/stick. This mop is then soaked into the cleaning solution and used to remove the dust/dirt present on the floor or surface. Some common types of mops include yacht, sponge, micro-fiber twist, flathead, dry, etc.

Dust Pans/BinsIn today’s time, various aesthetic and hygienic bins have a classy look. Some modern bins come with a foot pedal that requires no touching to the bin's lid to maintain hand hygiene. Another type of bin comes with a separate inner bucket for easy disposal. The wet and dry dustbin has 2 containers with 2 handles for emptying and cleaning purposes. Dustpans help in collecting the dust with the help of a broom. Some modified versions come with a long handle and rear wheels for easy movement. They are steep enough to collect more dust without a need to bend more for it.

Absorbent Pads, Socks & BoomsAbsorbent pads are used to clean the spill just by placing them above the spilled content. Socks are particularly used to absorb oil, solvents, coolants, water or any form of liquid substance. They are flexible and made of different sizes and patterns to absorb the spill. Booms are designed to absorb oil spills on water. They hook together to form a floating migration barrier of required length and is usually filled with oil sorbents.

Cleaning gloves – It is necessary to wear cleaning gloves to protect hands from allergies to harmful detergents and other cleaning products. These cleaning gloves are mainly used during washing, cleaning and dusting. They come in various fittings, colors, shapes and grip features. Generally, they are made up of rubber or natural latex with properties like puncture resistance and good abrasion. The gloves are soft and bendable enough to hold different objects. The nitrile powder-free gloves have high strength, high puncture resistance and are chemical resistant. They are helpful for kitchen cleaning, washing clothes and dusting the home.

Cleaning brushesThere are various forms of cleaning brushes like deep clean brush types useful for cleaning grout, shower door tracks, stovetops, etc. Power bathroom scrubber is ideal for cleaning bathrooms, bathtubs, tiles, grout, and showerheads. Electronics cleaning brush has soft bristles used for cleaning gadgets like cell phones, cameras, lenses, etc. A sink drain brush is used to remove the clog in the sink drain and also in washrooms. The dryer vent brush comes with handles and a flexible body to clean the clothes dryer. At the same time, the Air conditioner cleaning brush is used to clean condenser fins and coils. Users can also use it on refrigerator coils and condensers.

Cleaning Liquids/powdersThe cleaning liquids/fluids come in various forms like air care, bathroom care, floor cleaner, kitchen care and surface cleaner. It is a concentrated, pH neutral all-purpose cleaner used for cleaning various hard surfaces. It contains no harmful chemicals and thus retains the finishing of the exteriors. Cleaning powders helps in reducing germs, dirt and impurities present on hard surfaces. They are in the concentrated powder form used for cleaning kitchen dishes, pots, pans, utensils and glassware. The powders are easily soluble in water and kill multiple micro-organisms.


We can prevent the spread of life-threatening diseases and control the allergens like dust & mold by using different cleaning products. It helps us to keep our house healthy and fresh for a longer time. Keep your space clean and hygienic with our best Cleaning Equipment available online. Improve your cleaning efficiency by using all the cleaning products mentioned above and sparkle your home!