Top 10 Best Drilling Machine for Home Use in India

Drilling machines are the type of power tools in the drills category. It is used for making round holes or fasteners. A drill bit is one of the essential parts to perform the drilling operation. It is a type of cutting tool that rotates along its axis when inserted in the work piece. With this machine, the user can cut the piece into a cylindrical hole of required diameter and depth. It is performed by removing the metal with the help of the rotating edge of a drill bit.

Top 10 drilling machine for home use:

1.      Black & Decker KR554RE 550-Watt 13mm Drill Machine: It is suitable for hammering action preferred for drilling the concrete, wood, metal, etc. It has the specialty of reverse function for screwing applications. Users will be able to experience comfort while using this device. It is possible because of the auxiliary handle and soft rubber grip. With the help of this device, you can save your money by preventing from calling the carpenter or a mechanic to mend the home. Another advantage is it is small in size and light in weight. Various tiny tasks like drilling of a hole in a wall or furniture or other works can be done with the help of this electric drill machine.

Black & Decker KR554RE Drill Machine

2.      Black & Decker EPC12K2 12-Volts Cordless Drill: It is a 24 torque clutch preferred for perfect screw-driving into a variety of materials with different screw sizes. It is effortless and quick for the user to change the battery within the device assuring a more secure fit. Also, there is an option of a reverse switch that helps the user to operate on a versatile variable speed. The common application is to make holes in steel and wood only. The battery capacity is 1.2 Ah and a frequency of 50 Hz. The drill capacity for steel is 10 mm, and wood is 25 mm.

Black & Decker EPC12K2 12-Volts Cordless Drill

3.      Bosch GSB 501 500-Watt Professional Impact Drill Machine: It is suitable for industrial needs for multiple applications. The specialty of this device is that it is robust and highly durable with a 500 W motor and ball bearing construction. Features – It possesses robust clamp shell gear and motor housing with power ribs to withstand the severe job site conditions. The type of motor offers the user the high performance to satisfy the professional user needs. Also, it is ergonomically designed to make it suitable for fatigue-free operations. It is suitable for the continuous drilling operation. 500 W motor helps the user to make the work more efficient. Smooth and fast switching of functionality is another unique option the user can avail. Preferred applications are wood, concrete, and metal drilling.

Bosch GSB 501 500-Watt Professional Impact Drill Machine

4.      Cheston Rotary Hammer Drill Machine 20MM 500W 850RPM with 3-Piece Drill Bit: This device is ideal for drilling anchors and making holes in concrete and masonry. Also, it is more suitable for drilling wood, steel, ceramic, and screw driving applications. It possesses three hammer drills for wall, marble, concrete and granite. The rotary drill mode is suitable for simple drilling and driving applications. Whereas, hammer drill mode lets the user perform heavy drilling in masonry. Cheston brand is well known for its high quality and durability.

Cheston Rotary Hammer Drill Machine 20MM 500W 850RPM with 3-Piece Drill Bit

5.      Bosch GSB 500W 500 RE Tool Set: It is mostly purchased for making the numerous home improvements and repairing tasks in and around the home. There is an option of reverse/forward drilling mode and various other accessories along with the device in a pack. With the help of robust and powerful motor user can accomplish all level of drilling and repairing tasks. The device is compact in design and very light in weight. Thus, it is effortless for the user to carry and work in small spaces as well as for overhead tasks. It is preferred by technicians, professionals, and DIY users. A multi-function device is used to make holes in wood, concrete, plastic, and wood. The hammer part is used for driving the nails into wooden surfaces. Multi-use plier is used for bending, twisting, and cutting the cables.

Bosch GSB 500W 500 RE Tool Set

6.      Bosch Mechanic Kit GSB 550-Watt Impact Drill Kit: It is the type of device used for plumbing and installation. It is preferred for its handy structure. It comes with the set of accessories like drill bits, screws, pliers, Allen keys, hex bits, sockets, hammers, etc. for various applications. The other uses for this device include impact driving in concrete, drilling in wood and driving screws.

Bosch Mechanic Kit GSB 550-Watt Impact Drill Kit

7.      Cheston 10mm Powerful Drill Machine for Wall, Metal, Wood Drilling with 19 HSS bits for Drilling in Wood, Metal, Plastic: It is ideally for drilling various materials like wood, metal, plastic, and masonry. It is ergonomically designed for easy handling purposes and a better cooling system. Also, it has a power lock button that helps in the continuous drilling operation.

Cheston 10mm Powerful Drill Machine for Wall, Metal, Wood Drilling with 19 HSS bits for Drilling in Wood, Metal, Plastic

8.      Cheston 10 mm Keyless Chuck 12V Cordless Drill/Screwdriver with 2 Batteries, LED Torch Variable Speed and Torque Setting (19+1): It is a type of pistol grip drill. Also, it is suitable for home and professional use. It is an electric drill that is equipped with integrated led lights to provide the optimal lighting for darker work areas. It is lightweight in design with a rubber handle for a secure grip — typical applications for drilling and driving wood, brick, and metal.

Cheston 10 mm Keyless Chuck 12V Cordless Drill/Screwdriver with 2 Batteries, LED Torch Variable Speed and Torque Setting (19+1)

9.      Skil 6513 JD 13mm Drill Kit with 15-Pieces Drill Bits: SKI brand is one of the pioneers in manufacturing drill machine and well known for the best quality and 100% customer satisfaction. It is perfect for household drilling tasks. It is preferred to drill concrete, wooden, and metal surfaces accurately. It is specially designed for the pistol-like grip that provides smart drilling experience. It has a robust and reliable design that makes it user-friendly. Also, it helps the user to create a smooth hole of 35mm in the wood. The speed rate is maintained up to 0/3000 rpm by the device.

Skil 6513 JD 13mm Drill Kit with 15-Pieces Drill Bits

10.  Generic 10Mm Drill Machine with Bits & 41Pcs Toolkit Colour and Design May Vary:It is a type of device that is easy to operate as well as maintain. It comes in a small size that makes it handy to carry and drill the holes in the wall at home or office. The construction is made up of a semi-metal body. The power source of this device is the corded type. It comes with insert bits and 41 pieces of a screwdriver tool kit.

Generic 10Mm Drill Machine with Bits & 41Pcs Toolkit Colour and Design May Vary

Each time you face some issue in fixing the broken furniture or a pipeline, we need some carpenter or a plumber who charges us more than expected for smaller tasks. So in case if you are a beginner or DIY doers then also no need to worry. You can manage to overcome this problem as there are various videos on the you-tube channel and easy user manuals available on the internet in today’s time. The above-written piece of article will help you get the gest of top drilling machines that are preferred for home use in India.