Tips to Save Power Tools from Rusting and Extend their Shelf Life

The rusty, wobbly power tools can tarnish your plan of making a wooden pet house for your niece’s pet dog Romeo, on her birthday. Your negligence and inability of not maintaining the tools have made you look helpless before a six-year-old kid. You could have avoided this feebleness, if you would have taken care of your tools well.

Anyways, whether you are a DIY enthusiast or professional carpenter, rusting is one common problem that workers working with tools need to face. Working with the dull, neglected, defective power tools can be dangerous and can lead to an accident. So, it is very crucial to save your devices from rusting and believe me; saving tools from rust is not a tough or time-consuming task. By following a few simple tips, you can easily protect metal equipment from rust and expand their lifespan. Here are a few steps-

Keep in Clean, dry place

Water or any moisture is poison for metal power tools. If the appliances are kept in an indoor, humid environment, the oxygen present in moist air combines with iron to form an iron oxide which is rust, and it destroys it. It is the reason you need to use a dehumidifier and keep cleaning the surface of tools. Disconnect all the power supplies before starting cleaning power tools. A toothbrush is a great tool to clean around buttons.

Inadequate usage

Insufficient usage of tools, equipment and machinery leads to rusting. Dust, moisture accumulates on the surface of the metal, and it causes rusting. Keep in mind that, if you are using the tools frequently, you will get the opportunity to keep it clean after use.  Don’t forget about your devices. Keep checking on your tools even now and then.


Just like we humans need food and exercise to maintain our health, these tools also require some maintenance. Application of protective coatings like oil or paint or wax can be beneficial to protect the surface. You can also wrap tools in a vapour-corrosion inhibitor (VCI) that can seal out moisture in the air and protect the metal against corrosion and rust.

These simple tips can save a lot of your time, money and efforts in maintaining the tools and let you use these over and over again.