Tiger Shoes: Built for Safety and Comfort of Your Feet.

Workplaces, across industries, have their fair share of hazards and risks associated with their operations. It is, therefore, necessary to equip the workforce with appropriate safety wear so that they can execute tasks freely and flawlessly. Safety footwear, comprising of safety shoes and boots, forms an integral part of personal protective equipment used in the industrial and manufacturing industries.

If you are searching for top quality stylishly superior safety shoes, Tiger safety shoes are the safest bet. The makers of Tiger safety shoes have mastered the art of creating competitively priced superior quality safety shoes. Tiger safety shoes are designed to offer protection against impact injuries. Their anti-static, oil resistant, water-resistant and slip resistant safety shoes are known for durability and longevity.

Listed below are the two most popular safety shoes from the house of Mallcom, the makers of Tiger safety footwear.

Tiger - Lorex Steel Toe Safety Shoe:

The Tiger Leather Steel toe safety shoe is designed to look good, fit well and offer the best performance for you to carry out your job with the utmost efficiency. Tiger Lorex is at the forefront of innovation and combines safety precautions with style to deliver the best industrial safety shoe. The new features and materials used in Tiger safety shoe give it an edge over its competitors in the industry. The steel toe cap provides the user with additional safety and prevents the user from getting injured while working in heavy sectors like automobiles, construction, transport, and logistics. The upper part of the safety shoe is made up of Barton grey leather, and it has an inner Black synthetic Cambrelle lining. The single density PU sole used in this safety shoe makes it more slip resistant and effectively mitigates the threat of any untoward incident.


This steel toe safety shoe is available in both single density, as well as, dual density PU soles. The steel toe cap makes the shoe safer.


The light weight of the shoe, despite its strength and durability, makes it an excellent choice for both men, as well as, women. The durability of the Tiger steel toe safety shoe makes it the first choice in various sectors like the automobile, aviation, transport, and logistics.

Tiger - Leopard Steel Toe Safety Shoe

The Tiger Leather safety shoe comes in a high cut design with a Barton print leather. Supplemented with a unique design and crush-proof toe cap, the Tiger safety shoe makes a fantastic safety shoe with its perfect combination of style and safety. The shock resistance feature adds to the safety list of various safety features of the Tiger steel shoe. It doesn’t come off as a surprise that this steel toe safety shoe can handle a shock of 200 Joules, owing to the tremendous strength of the material used in this Tiger Leopard footwear. The resistance offered by Tiger Leopard Grain Leather Safety shoe is unparalleled in its class.


This industrial safety shoe comes with an oil-resistant bottom which makes it especially preferable in automobile and petrochemical industries. The leopard grain leather safety shoe is known for its slip-resistant nature. The puncture-proof sole with anti-static capabilities makes Tiger steel toe safety shoe the preferred choice in the engineering sector and automobile industry where impact hazards are rampant.


The injected-single density PU sole with a cushioned bottom makes Tiger Leather safety shoe the ideal choice for men and women alike. This safety shoe scores high on style quotient as well and looks better as compared to other bulky and drab industrial shoe counterparts.

The resistance of this shoe against multiple factors like shock, oil, and slip, makes it suitable for usage in various sectors. This also explains the popularity of Tiger shoes in the marketplace. These safety shoes are competitively priced and offer superior quality protection to the wearer.

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Q. What is a  safety footwear?

Ans:Safety footwear or safety shoes protect your feet and help to prevent injuries to them that may occur in certain workplace. These shoes are designed to keep users safe from electrical risks, slipping, and chemical spills.

Q. Is there standard for safety shoes?

Ans: Yes, All safety footwear must meet the minimum safety standards set out by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Q. What are the different types of safety shoes?

Ans: The different kinds of safety shoes are meant use in different kind of work environment. Generally, safety footwear can be classified in the following categories--Safety-toed shoes- Steel insole shoes- Electric hazard shoes- Metatarsal shoes.

Q. Why does the safety shoe should be made compulsory at workplace?

Ans:Foot injuries in workplaces can lead to lifelong disability. These sorts of injuries can cause a great deal of distress for worker as well as organization. Fatal incidents can tarnish the brand image of a company.

Q. What are the two most popular safety shoes from Tiger?

Ans: If you are searching for top quality stylishly superior safety shoes, Tiger safety shoes can be your best bet.  Tiger- Lorex Steel Toe Safety Shoe and Tiger- Leopard Steel toe safety shoes can be perfect combination of style and safety.