The Top 5 E-commerce Packaging Trends in 2020

In this modern online world, where e-commerce is picking up, the delight of receiving the package you ordered online is well known. Just like we are experiencing a seismic shift in the way we do shopping and business; similarly, the e-commerce packaging industry is also transforming and evolving for good. Here are the top five new packaging trends-

Trend#1 Secure and hygienic packaging

Even approximately six months of the pandemic spread, there is no evidence that people are contracting COVID-19 from the packaging. But still, some consumers worry about it as unhygienic packaging could be the potential source of virus transmission. So, considering the consumer’s concern over coronavirus, a secure and hygienic environment for packaging has become crucial for manufacturers and logistic companies.

Trend#2 Automated packaging

In manual packaging processes, you can not rule out the human errors that may lead to slow production and delivery. Whereas, packaging a product without human assistance offers many tangible benefits. Automated packaging is cost-effective, fast, secure, hygienic and has less room for packaging errors.

Trend#3: Made-for-me packaging

Personalization is a big trend in the packaging industry. Digital printing has enabled manufacturers to create customized packaging, making it useful for limited edition products. The customers can choose the design, colour of the package.

Trend#4 Visual packaging

Visual appealing packaging can make you stand out in a crowd. Visual engaging packaging has better chances of pleasing customers and repeats orders. Unlike conventional retail shopping, where the consumers touch and feel the products themselves, in online delivery of the product, the customer’s expectations are met through visual representation by viewing the product and packaging online through photo or video.

Trend #5 Green and sustainable packaging

There was a time when plastic was widely used in the packaging industry. But now reducing its use is very crucial now.  More and more companies are moving to adopt eco-friendly sustainable packaging to reduce their carbon footprint. Paper packaging is on the rise as a viable alternative for plastic.

Wrap it up!

Hopefully, these e-commerce packaging trends can motivate you to think a bit deeper and come up with new ideas to take the packaging of your product to the next level in 2021. Besides these packaging trends, there can be many more trends which may deserve to be included in this list, if you have any, mention in the comment section below.