The Importance of Personal Protective Equipment

As businesses and workforce gradually adapt to the new normal in the post-pandemic era, there has been a sharp increase in awareness about personal hygiene , health  and safety. The covid outbreak has forced people to revisit their lifestyle , working habits and behaviour in public spaces as well. The vaccine against this virus is months away and health experts across the globe are advising people to adapt to the "new normal" and prepare to live with the current uncertainty till "herd immunity" is achieved.  It's, therefore, important not to let the guard down and continue our efforts to contain the spread of the virus by wearing the right personal protective equipment and adhering to safety protocols laid down by the authorities at workplaces and public spaces.

Companies have started opening their offices, though with reduced headcount and the phased opening of businesses will continue over a few quarters. Organizations have a more significant responsibility in ensuring that the health and safety of their employees are taken care of. Therefore, it is crucial to equip those involved in cleaning and maintenance of office premises with the right protective gear. Protective suits, safety masks, and gloves are necessary for the workers who are involved in ensuring the workplace hygiene.

Disposable gloves are becoming indispensable in the post covid era. Whether you are venturing out for buying essentials or doing a routine work within the confines of your homes, disposable gloves help in keeping your hands free from dust, dirt and germs. For folks, who love gardening, these gloves are a must-have for them. During the lockdown, public gatherings and meetings are restricted. When relaxations are allowed, disposable gloves and face covers or masks will become a more common sight and form an integral part of the sartorial culture. In the coming days, face masks will become necessary to office attire and who knows, companies might have to include them in their dress code.

Once public transportation and aviation are allowed to resume services, the usage of PPEs( Personal Protective Equipment) will become more in the travel and transportation industry. One of the leading airlines in the APAC region is trialling a tailor-made personal protective equipment (PPE) design for its cabin crew to use onboard rescue flights, keeping in mind security protocols laid down by the civil aviation authorities. Airports ground staff and those engaged in ancillary support services should be equipped with quality PPEs to ensure safety and well being.

Personal protective equipment will continue to remain integral to our lives in the post-outbreak era, and it's important to include discussions about personal safety and health in public discourse.