The correct way to use and store the safety gloves for proper hand safety

Safety Gloves are the type of hand protection equipment made up of plastic, rubber, or synthetic material. It is usually used while cleaning or working with oils, solvent, or chemicals. Also, it is used during the welding process to protect from cuts and abrasion. Overall your hands are protected against the dirt, dust, infection, and contamination. You will get various types of gloves based on different materials like nitrile, nylon, plastic, etc. or different applications like chemical resistant, heat resistant, electrical safety, etc.

Importance of using safety gloves:

Workers not using the safety gloves end up getting some severe injuries to hands during the tasks performed. In case if the workers with bare hands come into contact with the chemicals may cause chemical burns, allergic reaction, etc.

Protective tips to use and care the safety gloves in a proper way:

1.Ensure that the gloves that you are planning to wear are clean and tear-proof. If you are not sure, then confirm with your senior assistant or a supervisor.

2.It is never recommended to wash or reuse disposable gloves.

3.Check and get the right fit gloves to maintain the comfort level while using the same.

4.Always keep the spare gloves in back up in case if you damage or wash the current pair of gloves.

5.Make sure that you check the gloves thoroughly whether they don’t have any tear, hole, crack, or any damage. As if you are working with the chemicals, then even a small hole can result in big damage to your hands.

6.Always wash your hands with soap and water before wearing the gloves and cover the cuts with a bandage if any to your hands.

7.After using the gloves, it is necessary to wash them with soap and water before removing it from the hands. Also, you need to clean the hands too with soap and water after that.

8.Store the gloves in proper container i.e., cool and dry place away from the chemicals.

9.Shoulder length gloves are to be worn in case of chemical resistant type when working with highly toxic chemicals.

10.Few people are allergic to latex gloves. So, if you get any irritation with latex-based gloves, then you can replace it with the different types of gloves. Be aware of the fact that leather or cotton made gloves cannot be preferred when working with hazardous materials. Then, you can use a chemical or heat resistant type of safety gloves.

It is suggested that you need to select the right choice of safety gloves suitable for your industrial tasks. Also, you should know the importance of proper use and care of safety gloves. It will help you maintain the gloves for a more extended period