The 2020 Festive Season: Top 5 Best Gift Ideas for Work From Home Employees

Any better gift than a box of crackers, chocolate or Christmas turkey? Please do not misunderstand me; I know most of the people, including me, cannot imagine the festive season without the traditional turkey voucher and gift box. However, the festive season, 2020 is entirely a different story altogether. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, we all have been working differently- many employees are still working remotely. Employees are working hard to keep the cogs turning and business going. Usually, during this festive season, companies thank their employees with a beautiful year-end bash, but unfortunately, this year it is not possible due to the coronavirus. However, keeping employees engaged, having fun, collaboration within a team is a real challenge. So, here are a few creative and different ways to nurture team camaraderie-

Books are a great gifts-

A book is a fantastic holiday gift for anyone, especially for the employees who are in the strategy and content writing team. Books are easy to find, pack and can prompt both fun and exciting conversations. Giving someone a book is equal to sending them on a mental vacation for free. Investing time in reading books is a much better option for employees rather than wasting time in any Facebook rant, or watching cat videos. The books, magazines, and audiobooks will enhance their wisdom by acquiring knowledge from these.

Electronic gadgets are cool gifts-

Working from home is a noisy affair. Sound of kids fighting, veggies being chopped, pressure cooker whistles, construction work outside the house can disturb them during office work. So, why not help remote employees to make their home-office space more comfortable and distraction-free? Gadgets like speakers, handsfree, earbuds, instant film cameras, smartwatches, Alexa devices, are a few excellent ideas. Technical gadgets are in a vast category, and you have plenty of options. The best headphone for every person’s needs can be found here at shakedeal.

Toys to engage kids-

When you were about to start your skype presentation, your daughter suddenly joined your work videoconference in a unicorn outfit. Your son bunks his online English classes and plays the guitar as loud as he can. Sounds familiar? Probably, at one point of time, we all have seen the cuteness of kids while working from home. So the best way to show that you care for your employees’ little munchkins is by keeping him delighted with board games, jigsaw puzzles, books, infotainment etc.

Instant eGift vouchers are not bad-

Looking for ideas to thank employees, customers, and vendors? Branded currency is the most liable gift idea for the millennials who love shopping for themselves. These eGift cards are good-as-cash that can be used at designated online shops by the recipient. These instant gift cards are the excellent gift item for remote employees as these can be sent directly to the recipient via text or email and redeemed instantly online to recognize their continued support in this unconventional working environment.

Home office setup for no pain-

How about giving something to the home workspace? How to help employees to improve your new home office? Giving employees and vendors the right equipment, the physical setup- like an ergonomic desk chair, laptop table, webcam, keyboard, the monitor will help them to work like a pro. The ergonomic desk chair keeps the back straight, giving the office vibe.

By getting any one of these best work from home gifts, you can engage employees, clients and vendors and can save them time, make them more organized, relax and reenergize their creative ideas.