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Types of Welding & Its Uses, MIG VS TIG VS STICK Welding - A Comparative Study

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Welding- the art of joining metal pieces (blacksmithing) has been around since ancient times with progression from Iron, gold, copper, bronze, and silver metals. Welding history…

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What are Gas cutting and welding accessories?

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Gas welding equipment is also known as oxy-fuel or oxyacetylene equipment that uses both oxygen and fuel gas to cut the job or join it. It…

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Top 5 Best Welding Machines in India

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Are you looking for the welding equipment for your welding requirements? Which can be the best machine for manufacturing or home use? Are you looking for…

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How to choose the right electrodes for welding?

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Welding machines are used in metalworking, metallurgical and fabrication processes. Listed below are types of welding machines: Welding* ARC Welding Machines: ARC welding machines are used…

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