Testing & Measuring Instruments

Anemometer – Working, Types, Benefits and Applications

#Testing & Measuring Instruments

Anemometer is a type of air velocity and quality measuring equipment. It is primarily used to measure a wind speed or velocity and direction either in…

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What is Tachometer and its uses?

#Testing & Measuring Instruments #Temperature & Humidity Measuring

The tachometer is a measuring instrument that is used to measure the operating speed of an engine in revolutions per minute. It is also known as…

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What is a Voltage tester used for?

#Testing & Measuring Instruments #Electrical Power Testing #voltage tester

Voltage Tester is a testing instrument used for electrical power testing purposes. It is mainly used for detecting the presence of AC voltage in or around…

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Now simplify your leak detection process using the right Leakage tester:

#Testing & Measuring Instruments #leakage tester #detector

Leaks are always sudden and hazardous. The concentration of leakage decides the level of damage. This leakage problem is prevalent in complicated and significant industrial facilities.…

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Know the significant difference between Clamp Meter and Multimeter

#Multimeter #Digital Multimeter #Electrical Power Testing

Many a time it happens that there are various testers and meters in the market with similar features and functionality. And, thus, it becomes difficult for…

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All Types of Electrical Power Testers and their uses:

#Electrical Power Testing #Testing & Measuring Instruments #Multimeter

Electrical tester tools are used for measuring various electrical parameters. These parameters include current, voltage, resistance, continuity, etc. It is commonly used by professional electricians and…

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How to use feeler gauge?

#Feeler Gauges #Measuring & Layout Tools #Testing & Measuring Instruments

A feeler gauge is one of the measuring and layout tools used for measuring the clearance between two parts. It consists of several small lengths of…

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How to get accurate results with an infrared thermometer?

#Infrared Thermometers #Temperature & Humidity Measuring #Testing & Measuring Instruments

Infrared thermometers are gradually climbing up charts of most-popular tools due to their widespread application in varieties of jobs starting from kitchens to factory shops.  These…

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All You Need To Know About Three Top-Selling Multimeters

#Multimeters #Electrical Power Testing #Testing & Measuring Instruments

Today online marketplaces are flush with a wide variety of multimeters, and choosing the right multimeter for your requirements becomes daunting and frustrating. Manufacturers of some…

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How to use a Vernier Caliper?

#Vernier Caliper #Measuring & Layout Tools #Testing & Measuring Instruments

Vernier calipers are measuring tools used mainly for measuring linear dimensions. These calipers come handy in measuring the diameter of circular objects. Their circular jaws fit…

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