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Top 10 Best Drilling Machine for Home Use in India

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Drilling machines are the type of power tools in the drills category. It is used for making round holes or fasteners. A drill bit is one…

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A sneak-peek at must-have power tools for drilling and chipping jobs.

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Rotary drills, popularly known as precision drills, or impact drills are used widely in various woodworking and carpentry jobs for drilling and chipping tasks. Hammer drills…

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How to use brush cutters?

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Brush cutters are also known as clearing saws and are widely used to prune weeds, smaller foliage, and shrubs in gardens. For various applications, brush cutters…

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A Sneak Peek into 5 Top Selling Angle Grinders

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Angle grinders are widely used for grinding and polishing jobs in the metalworking and construction industry. The marketplace is awash with plenty of angle grinders.  Some…

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How to get the most out of your circular saw?

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Circular saws are the power saws that use either a toothed or abrasive disc to chop a variety of material. Circular saws are mostly used in…

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How to use a chainsaw?

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Chainsaws are mainly used in trimming, pruning and cutting of wood. They have a mechanical power saw capable of cutting through materials such as wood. A…

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How to Maintain Angle Grinders?

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Tools can function properly if they are properly maintained. To increase the longevity and get most out of the tools, it is necessary that a proper…

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Endico Cutters: Precision cutting tools known for better finishing

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Endico cutters and routers are the top-selling products made by Endico Power tools, India's leading manufacturer of woodworking routers. The makers of Endico cutters are known…

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How to choose the right tool for concrete drilling and demolition?

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Construction activities related to infrastructure and housing involve a significant amount of concrete drilling and demolition. The marketplace is awash with a variety of tools, and…

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Five power tools everyone should have

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For professionals, tool enthusiasts, newbies and every DIYer, ShakeDeal has put together a list of five must-have power tools. Cordless Screwdriver - With cordless screwdrivers you…

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