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Different usages of electric heat gun

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Before discussing the different usage types of electric heat guns we should first understand the electric heat gun device and its functionality. Heat gun devices are…

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Which are the best cordless power tools?

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It is very normal to get the cordless drill machine but are you aware that you can now even get cordless planer, drill press or table…

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How to store & clean power tools?

#Power Tools #Hand Tools #Cutting Tools

Be it hand tools or power tools; it is necessary to keep them clean and rust-free regularly. It is recommended to improve the life of the…

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Different types of power saws and their uses

#Power Tools #Saws #Circular Saw

A power saw is a portable mechanical machine used for both industrial and DIY projects. It is the type of power tool that comprises sturdy blades,…

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Top 10 Best Drilling Machine for Home Use in India

#Drills #Power Tools

Drilling machines are the type of power tools in the drills category. It is used for making round holes or fasteners. A drill bit is one…

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A sneak-peek at must-have power tools for drilling and chipping jobs.

#Rotary drills #Drills #Power Tools

Rotary drills, popularly known as precision drills, or impact drills are used widely in various woodworking and carpentry jobs for drilling and chipping tasks. Hammer drills…

Sharat Chandra

How to use brush cutters?

#Brush Cutter Machine #Cutting Machine #Power Tools

Brush cutters are also known as clearing saws and are widely used to prune weeds, smaller foliage, and shrubs in gardens. For various applications, brush cutters…

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A Sneak Peek into 5 Top Selling Angle Grinders

#Angle Grinder #Power Grinder #Power Tools

Angle grinders are widely used for grinding and polishing jobs in the metalworking and construction industry. The marketplace is awash with plenty of angle grinders.  Some…

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How to get the most out of your circular saw?

#Circular Saw #Saws #Power Tools

Circular saws are the power saws that use either a toothed or abrasive disc to chop a variety of material. Circular saws are mostly used in…

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How to use a chainsaw?

#Chain Saw #Saws #Power Tools

Chainsaws are mainly used in trimming, pruning and cutting of wood. They have a mechanical power saw capable of cutting through materials such as wood. A…

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