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Top 15 Best Quality Medical Personal Protective Equipment for Healthcare Professionals

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Some jobs are at much higher risk of fatal or non-fatal than others. Firefighters and police officers face risk while at work. Construction, factory workers, truck…

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Top 5 Best Pulse Oximeter for measuring SpO2 level

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By now, we all are aware that the effect of the second wave (Covid-19) is more dangerous. Pulse oximeter has been known to be a lifesaver…

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Contactless Hand Sanitizer - An Essential medical supplies:

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From wearing the mask and face shield to using the hand wash and sanitizer, it has now become the routine for us in this pandemic situation.…

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How to use an infrared thermometer?

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Infrared thermometers are used to measure temperatures from a distance and are used for a wide variety of everyday uses.These non-contact thermometers are appropriate when…

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Why should you buy face masks online?

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As the world is grappling with a pandemic, people have been forced to rethink the way they lead lives, dress, work and play. Face masks have…

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