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Top 10 Best Air Purifier in India

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Due to ambient pollution in India, the health issues are increasing exponentially. Also, it has a harmful impact on health in the form of respiratory and…

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Steam Inhaler: An essential medical equipment you must have at home

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Steam Inhaler is the type of medical device used in home remedies for treating the cold, sinus infection and nostril blockage. It includes the process of…

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What is the importance of a Nebulizer in respiratory treatment?

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Breathing is an essential part of our lives, and so is the respiratory system of our body. Therefore, it is necessary to take good care of…

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Contactless Hand Sanitizer - An Essential medical supplies:

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From wearing the mask and face shield to using the hand wash and sanitizer, it has now become the routine for us in this pandemic situation.…

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What is Pulse Oximeter? Reading, Uses, and How does it Work?

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Imagine; monitoring a patient's health using a finger pulse oximeter, getting alert about blood oxygenation level through a SpO2 sensor, making clinical decisions from the patient's…

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