Top 5 pocket-friendly safety glasses

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Whether you are working in a construction site, hospital, laboratory, mechanic shop, or any other place, you need to cover your eyes to protect yourself from…

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Top 5 Karam Safety Shoes

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Karam Safety Shoes combine the best of safety and luxury in safety footwear category. These safety shoes are known for their durability and offer protection against…

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Karam: The Trusted Name in Safety Helmets

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Safety helmets form an integral part of the personal protective equipment and protect workers from hazards and injuries to the head. The human head is the…

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Karam Safety Shoes: The best in class and reasonably priced industrial safety footwear

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The industrial safety footwear market is awash with a wide variety of safety shoes at different price levels. Selecting top quality safety footwear for your workforce…

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