Are You a DIYer? Here Are the Best Hammers For You!

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Whether you are undertaking sturdy DIY projects outside the home, renovating your interiors, or decorating your wall by hanging a picture, a hammer is a utility…

Priya Tiple

Top 6 Best Tools to Break Up Concrete

#Hammers #Demolition Hammers #Rotary Hammers

Finished concrete looks pristine and makes spaces look classy and elegant. The question arises: what about unfinished concrete? Or perhaps, if your house needs retrofitting. In…

Priya Tiple

Top 15 Budget-Friendly Plumbing Tool Sets in 2021

#Pipe Wrenches #Spanners #Hammers

Whether it is fixing a clogged drain, leaky faucets, broken pipes, valves, and other plumbing work, the handy plumbing tools set can resolve most of your…

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A sneak-peek at must-have power tools for drilling and chipping jobs.

#Rotary drills #Drills #Power Tools

Rotary drills, popularly known as precision drills, or impact drills are used widely in various woodworking and carpentry jobs for drilling and chipping tasks. Hammer drills…

Sharat Chandra

How to choose the right tool for concrete drilling and demolition?

#Demolition Hammers #Hammers #Power Tools

Construction activities related to infrastructure and housing involve a significant amount of concrete drilling and demolition. The marketplace is awash with a variety of tools, and…

Sharat Chandra