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What are Multi-Purpose tools and their uses?

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Multi-purpose tools are the form of hand tools. This tool possesses multiple functions and features in a single unit. It is a highly flexible power tool…

Priya Tiple

How to store & clean power tools?

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Be it hand tools or power tools; it is necessary to keep them clean and rust-free regularly. It is recommended to improve the life of the…

Priya Tiple

How to use non-sparking tools safely?

#Non Sparking Tools #Hand Tools

Workers widely use non-sparking tools in areas prone to hazards such as blasts and explosions. Generally, explosions occur due to the flying of sparks and conventional…

Sharat Chandra

Must - have plumbing tools for every homeowner.

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Leaking pipes, non -functional taps, and blockages in kitchen sink are some of many nagging worries which trouble every homeowner. You may have to run from…

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Gardening has never been this elegant and easy with these tools

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Whether you are an aspiring gardener or someone who is passionate about gardening, having the right set of tools adds to the joy of gardening.  Here's…

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